The Best Bars In Liège, Belgium

Liège's Place du Marché Square boasts a bunch of charming terraces | © Stephane Mignon/Flickr
Liège's Place du Marché Square boasts a bunch of charming terraces | © Stephane Mignon/Flickr
Photo of Nana Van De Poel
9 February 2017

Whether you prefer a cozy chat with friends over a glass of wine, a sampling of Irish beer and cheer, or a boisterous night out in one of the many bars of the Carré neighborhood, Liège has got you covered. Here are our favorite bars.

Le Verre Bouteille

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Le Verre Bouteille is what happens when two young wine lovers and experts (owner Gauthier has studied at the University of Wine in Suze-la-Rousse in France) open up the establishment that they were missing in Liège. This is a laid-back wine bar with finger food where you can taste what’s in the bottle before you make the commitment to take it home. A certain appetite for new flavors is essential as Gauthier and Bruno stock over 600 different kinds of wines and spirits from over 30 different countries for you to discover.

Le Pot au Lait

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Entering Le Pot au Lait for the first time is a bit like stepping into the interior of an LSD-laced dream. The 19th century house decorated with glow-in-the-dark skeleton murals, stuffed boar heads flanked by fake torches and psychedelic patterns draws an alternative crowd. A certain sixties atmosphere isn’t far off in the pub named after the Jean de La Fontaine fable, The Milkmaid and the Pot of Milk.

Le Celtic

Every European city should really have at least one decent Irish pub in which to glug a pint of Guinness and eat a hearty stew. Liège has multiple such haunts, and one of the best is Le Celtic, a bright red pub and small restaurant where the rugby broadcasts are a celebration and St. Paddy’s Day an explosion of Irish cheer.

Boulevard de la Sauvenière 145, Liège, Belgium

Le Soleil

Few pubs have as poetic a name as Le Soleil a rendez-vous avec la Lune or The Sun has a meeting with the Moon. What’s more is that the title is entirely fitting when you witness the place come to life after dark. The sun might have set but the crowd dancing and drinking shots at Le Soleil exudes heat like you wouldn’t believe. Their famed “tour around the world” will reward you for drinking your way through 31 different alcoholic beverages over the course of a day by hanging up a plaque in your honor.

Rue Tête-de-Boeuf 12, Liège, Belgium

Le Notger

Almost trendy beyond words, Le Notger is a fixture on the Liège cocktail scene. While also a restaurant, the 18th century house filled with industrial detail and luxurious-looking flea market finds has a club on the second floor where you’ll find hundreds of spirits at your fingertips. It is quite fitting that the place, named after Liège’s first prince-bishop, Notker or Notger of Liège, now sits at the heart of the city’s nightlife.

Rue Tête-de-Boeuf 2, Liège, Belgium

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Le Petit Paris

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The most extravagant night out on the town can only start at Le Petit Paris. An inclusive and boisterous ambiance is always assured at the gay-friendly bar that welcomes one and all to their Eurovision Nights and drag occasions. A real Liège institution, Le Petit Paris prides itself on its cozy terrace and on bringing party animals together, no matter what sexuality or gender.

Le Far West

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Le Far West is all about having a good old hoedown. Live bands do the entertaining for audiences of all ages while servers in checkered shirts and Stetsons serve you your pint. The spaghetti westerns on the TV screen and saddles for seats round out the cowboy picture nicely.