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Belgian Lifestyle Bloggers To Follow

Picture of Nana Van De Poel
Updated: 9 February 2017
There are thousands upon thousands of them – lifestyle blogs floating around on the internet waiting to be noticed, read and seen for what the best ones among them truly are: a piece of personality transcribed on a screen. We take a look at some of the most appealing Belgian lifestyle blogs around.

C & The City

‘F*ck fake’. Freelance journalist Christine Smeyers has sworn off Photoshop and sugarcoating to present to you a blog with an edge, a clean design and thoughtful musings on whatever she pleases. Much like the fabulous four women in the immortal New York City-based TV show its name refers to, C & The City speaks its mind in the most personal way, whether you like it or not.

First things first in Rotterdam … Day-drinking obviously 🙊#gintonic #thisismyhappyalcoholface #northseajazz #rotterdam

A photo posted by Christine | C & The City (@christinesmeyers) on

No Glitter No Glory

The title alone is gold. Or should we say glitter? Stylist Patricia Goijens is a known name in the Belgian blogosphere and for good reason. Ever since moving in 2015 from tag-teaming it with Marijs Vrancken on the successful fashion haven blog Ella & Louise, Patricia has been doing her own thing on No Glitter No Glory. And there is at least some glory to speak of, since Patricia’s online scrapbook – ranging from style tips to film reviews to travel pieces inspired by the pinkness of Cuba – is a smash hit. Also a winner is Patricia’s Instagram, in no small part thanks to her gorgeous, orange-eyed cat, George the Furst, who does some modeling.

Ghent Streets

What started off as a street style lookbook of Ghent’s hippest inhabitants has become so much more in the last seven years. Keeping the high-quality photography but expanding its content to the Ghent underground music scene, local rendezvous, DIY tutorials and festival reports have made Ghent Streets a go-to online resource for all things stylish.


Another one of those professional undertakings, Stephanie Duval’s blog 70percentpure looks sleek as all hell. Large slabs of clean picture collages alternate with blocks of black font (no capital letters) on a white backdrop, packing quite the minimalist punch. Always on the lookout for quality in every aspect of her life, this young mom – and writer of How Blogs Workoffers a substantial amount of posts on subjects such as ‘Coffee,’ ‘Style,’ ‘Travel,’ ‘Kick-Ass Women’ and ‘Les Belges,’ ensuring there’s something there for everyone.

The Journey Of Ruth

Not really keeping to any self-restricting boundaries, Ruth seems so go wherever the wind takes her and that’s half the fun of her blog. By simply dubbing one category ‘Life,’ this Antwerp-based blogger with the cool fashion sense has created a space to recount her adventures at festivals like Rock Werchter and Tomorrowland, as well as a place to ponder on the phenomenon of social media celebrity. Reading Ruth’s tales, with their splashes of self-deprecating humor and candid writing, makes you feel like you’re talking to that fun friend with no filter every single time.

Roadtrip👆🏼#latergram #E17snack #bestplaceever

A photo posted by Ruth Van Soom (@ruthvansoom) on

Thank God It’s …

God knows what it is. The title to Astrid’s blog used to be completed by the word ‘Fashion,’ her second love after architecture, but after a while that proved too restricting. She now writes about a large variety of topics, including home-baked banana bread and her creative friends. Although Astrid, a vocal critic of the sweatshop industry, reserves the right to drop off the grid every once in a while, she usually returns full force with a post beaming with love for a recent flea market goodie.

Hey, jow, hellow!

A photo posted by Astrid (@astridnieuw) on


Somewhat the archetype of the lifestyle blog, Minnebelle (a play on the writer’s name Isabelle) is a scrapbook of beauty tips and tricks, travel accounts and season-centered favorite lists. A big city fanatic who used to live in London and has a special fondness for New York and Tokyo, Isabelle is one of the most prolific bloggers on this list.