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Ostend's galleries tend to share a fondness for local talent, be it renowned or undiscovered | © Steven Decroos
Ostend's galleries tend to share a fondness for local talent, be it renowned or undiscovered | © Steven Decroos

Must-Visit Art Galleries In Ostend, Belgium

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Updated: 29 December 2016
The Belgian city of Ostend has long been a trusted seaside escape for those with cultivated tastes. Its range of quality art galleries champion this mix of sea and city with their exhibitions, often promoting rising young talents of the next generation.

Galerie BeauSite

An undertaking closely related to the concept-store family, Ann Rommelaere’s Galerie BeauSite offers a home away from home for art lovers along the Ostend boardwalk. Not solely a gallery, Beausite also hosts a design store, bar, and restaurant under its roof for a well-rounded experience that speaks to anyone who appreciates beauty and design. Housed in a protected Art Deco mansion with high, moulded ceilings, BeauSite is the only gallery in town that actually provides panoramic views of the ocean. Newspapers and magazines lie scattered about on designer tables, enhancing the sensation of sitting in an expertly-decorated living room with pieces by gifted national artists such as Matthieu Ronsse hanging on the surrounding walls.

Galerie BeauSite, Albert I-promenade 39, Ostend, Belgium  

Gallery BeauSite, the only Ostend gallery to actually looks out onto the ocean | Courtesy of BeauSite

Gallery BeauSite, the only Ostend gallery with an ocean view | Courtesy of BeauSite


Mu.ZEE has been a fixture on Ostend’s art scene ever since its inception in 2008. The gallery, whose name cleverly plays on its proximity to the ocean (‘zee’ meaning sea), has a history of championing both local and Belgian artists. Highlights in the permanent collection dating from 1850 to today are major works by James Ensor such as Self-Portrait With Flowered Hat, and 160 paintings and graphic designs by Léon Spilliaert. Also present are contemporary gems by Luc Tuymans, Panamarenko and so forth. All these greats of the Lower Countries are accompanied by upcoming regional artists that Mu.Zee has selected for your discovery and delight.

Mu.ZEE, Romestraat 11, Ostend, Belgium +32 059 50 81 18

Mu.ZEE displays an extensive collection of works by 19th and 20th century greats of the Low Countries | © Steven Decroos, courtesy of Mu.ZEE

Mu.ZEE displays an extensive collection of works by 19th and 20th century greats of the Low Countries | © Steven Decroos, courtesy of Mu.ZEE

Exposure Value

Late hours and a convivial atmosphere for visiting artists and amateur photographers are what set Exposure Value apart from its local peers, putting the discipline of photography on the Ostend map. Each year from September to May, four photographers – both young talents and established names – are invited by Yvon Poncelet and his wife Kristien Terryn to put their best work on display inside the modern gallery of their old manor house. Also on permanent display are the gallery’s “valuables” – hundreds of precious old cameras that have been put to rest, made obsolete by ever-evolving technology. With each new exhibition, the visiting photographer is awarded the privilege of choosing one old (still-functioning) camera to enjoy the limelight once more.

Exposure Value, Jules Peurquaetstraat 82, Ostend, Belgium +32 059 70 49 13

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Galerie Theobalds Boothuisje

A stone’s throw from the famous Ensor House lies Ostend’s curiously narrow and petite architectural gem, Theobalds Boothuisje. The elegance of this Art Nouveau building, with its balcony shaped to resemble a ship’s bow, would be well worth a visit on its own. Luck has it then that MedusaArts has taken up residence in the house, presenting contemporary art with a respect for the splendor of its surroundings. The abstract works often on display mesh astonishingly well with the Art Nouveau backdrop.

Galerie Theobalds Boothuisje, Vlaanderenstraat 17, Ostend, Belgium  

Art Gallery Decrauw

When taking a stroll through Ostend’s curious Belle Époque quarter – the epitome of eclectic architecture with its mix of ornate mansions and mundane flats from the 1970s and 1980s – be sure to pop into Art Gallery Decrauw. Frequent evening events and the presence of the artist make for an environment where debate is encouraged as the new gallery aims to recreate the salon atmosphere of yesteryear. All branches of visual artistry are welcomed – as well as work by both national and international names – as long as the works possess a ‘striking’ quality.

Art Gallery Decrauw, Prinses Clementinaplein 28, Ostend, Belgium +32 0473 92 47 38

Art Gallery Decrauw ©Art Gallery Decrauw

Art Gallery Decrauw ©Art Gallery Decrauw