19 Awesome Brusseleir Words You Need In Your Life

© Ben2/WikiCommons
© Ben2/WikiCommons
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25 April 2017

The Brussels dialect, or Brusseleirs is an incredibly rich patois which borrows from both Dutch and French. Although it is unfortunately not spoken as much these days, here is a list of some of its most typical vocabulary.

Meaning: Sink


Meaning: A loser, someone who is always unlucky.

Meaning: A bald man


Meaning: A joker, someone who tells a lot of tall tales.

Meaning: An old man (peï) or old woman (meï).


Meaning: A disreputable bar. Originated from the French for cabaret douze, which was the lowest rank of café/bar in the 19th century.

Meaning: Someone who is from Brussels, literally a chicken-eater.


Meaning: An idiot.

Meaning: A convincing liar, literally a bottle-uncorker.


Meaning: A grumpy person.

Meaning: Someone who talks a lot.


Meaning: A dishonest person.

Meaning: A monkey, or a naughty boy.


Meaning: Someone who has no ambition in life.

Meaning: A person who always hangs around the bar.


Meaning: A boy/man.

Meaning: A pretty girl, or girlfriend. Often used in conjunction with schuun (as in beautiful), e.g. e schuun mokke.


Meaning: I’m going. As in, ik ben schampavie.

Meaning: When something is rubbish or bad quality.

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