19 Awesome Brusseleir Words You Need In Your Life

© Ben2/WikiCommons
© Ben2/WikiCommons
The Brussels dialect, or Brusseleirs is an incredibly rich patois which borrows from both Dutch and French. Although it is unfortunately not spoken as much these days, here is a list of some of its most typical vocabulary.

Meaning: Sink


Meaning: A loser, someone who is always unlucky.

Meaning: A bald man


Meaning: A joker, someone who tells a lot of tall tales.

Meaning: An old man (peï) or old woman (meï).


Meaning: A disreputable bar. Originated from the French for cabaret douze, which was the lowest rank of café/bar in the 19th century.

Meaning: Someone who is from Brussels, literally a chicken-eater.


Meaning: An idiot.

Meaning: A convincing liar, literally a bottle-uncorker.


Meaning: A grumpy person.

Meaning: Someone who talks a lot.


Meaning: A dishonest person.

Meaning: A monkey, or a naughty boy.


Meaning: Someone who has no ambition in life.

Meaning: A person who always hangs around the bar.


Meaning: A boy/man.

Meaning: A pretty girl, or girlfriend. Often used in conjunction with schuun (as in beautiful), e.g. e schuun mokke.


Meaning: I’m going. As in, ik ben schampavie.

Meaning: When something is rubbish or bad quality.