13 Expressions In Flemish That Make No Sense In English

© Christoph Michels/WikiCommons
© Christoph Michels/WikiCommons
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22 January 2016

Although Flemish is not the only language spoken in Belgium, it has a wealth of diverse dialects which have created some unique expressions. When literally translated into English, these expressions often yield unexpected and hilarious results.

Send your cat

Meaning: Don’t show up

Helaas pindakaas

Unfortunately peanut butter

Meaning: That’s a shame

Forward with the goat

Meaning: Let’s get on with it

Ik snap er geen bal van

I don’t understand a ball of it

Meaning: I don’t understand a word of it

Make that the cat wise

Meaning: You can’t fool me, but you can try and fool the cat

Je stinkt uren in de wind

You smell hours in the wind

Meaning: You smell very bad

To hang on someone’s lips

Meaning: That you’re completely engrossed in what someone is saying

Er was geen kat

There wasn’t even a cat

Meaning: Nobody showed up

To throw your cap at it

Meaning: That you don’t care

Als puntje bij paaltje komt

When the point comes to the pole

Meaning: When push comes to shove

That goes from a slate roof

Meaning: Things are running smoothly

Daar heeft hij geen kaas van gegeten

He hasn’t eaten any cheese from that

Meaning: He doesn’t understand it

This’ll frog you up

Meaning: This will make you feel better

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