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Vienna's Most Unforgettable Art and Culture Events in Summer 2014
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Vienna's Most Unforgettable Art and Culture Events in Summer 2014

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Vienna, the capital and largest city of Austria is known for its rich and historic culture, influenced as much by Freud as by artists like Gustav Klimt. Whether it’s classical music, ballet, opera, or art, there is something for everyone in the city, especially in this centennial year of the First World War. We have curated a list of the top ten art and culture events in Austria’s capital this summer.


Culture | 75th Anniversary of Sigmund Freud’s Death

7 March – 5 October

To mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Sigmund Freud on 23 September, the Sigmund Freud Museum will be launching an exhibition that ranges from Freud’s first trip to Vienna via his tours to Italy and Greece, through to his trips to the USA and London. The exhibition includes documents, souvenirs and photographs, as well as memorabilia from lesser-known family members such as Alexander Freud and Harry Freud.

Sigmund Freud Museum, 19 Berggasse, Wien, Austria, +4 31 3191 5966


Sigmund Freud Foundation
© Lierzer | Courtesy of the Sigmund Freud Foundation


Culture | World War I Exhibition at Technology Museum

3 May – 17 September

Located at Vienna’s Technology Museum is a one-off exhibition that focuses on the warfare technology used in World War I, as part of the commemoration of 100 years since the conflict. The exhibition comprises seven stations that look at the relationship between war and the population, as well as what happened to the museum itself at the time of the war. The Technisches Museum was part of the war effort and received a number of artifacts which are now on show. This includes items such as supplies, heavy artillery, the telegraph, propaganda, and army postal service.

Technisches Museum, 212 Mariahilfer Str, Wien, Austria, +4 31 8999 80


Technology Museum, Austria
Courtesy Technology Museum


Culture | World Exhibition at Wien Museum

15 May – 28 September

Located at the Wien Museum is an exhibition called The World Exhibition of 1873 Vienna that displays the rapid development of the city during that time. The population of Vienna doubled from 1850 to 1870 and the period known as ‘Gruderszeit’ is one of the most dynamic phases Vienna has ever experienced. This exhibition focuses on the city’s entire development, from less glamourous elements like spring-water pipes and immigration to entertainment, fashion, medicine and technology.

The World Exhibition, Wien Museum, Karlsplatz, Wien, Austria +4 31 5058 7470


Art | Line and Shape at Leopold Museum

23 May – 27 October

The Leopold Museum is one of Vienna’s most beautiful museums, and contains some extraordinary exhibitions devoted to the Emperor Leopold himself. The Museum owns over 3400 works on paper, and the exhibition known as Line and Shape contains 100 outstanding examples of drawing art of the 19th and 20th century from the Leopold collection. The exhibition includes work from Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Alfred Kubin.

Line and Shape, Leopold Museum, Museumsplatz, Wien, Austria +4 31 5257 1500


Leopold Museum
Courtesy Leopold Museum


Art | The Other Side at Belvedere Museum

8 June – 12 October

Taking place at the Belvedere Museum for this summer only is the exhibition The Other Side- Mirrors and Reflections in Contemporary Art. The exhibition looks at various symbolic aspects of a reflecting surface in a unique way. Classical civilisation believed mirrors shows an image of the soul, and it was thought in medieval Europe that mirrors reflect sensual pleasure as well as an obsession with cleanliness. This exhibition focuses on the different meanings of the mirror through the centuries up until modern day. It includes sculpture, installations, photography and video by a number of artists including John Armleder.

The Other Side exhibition, Belvedere Museum, 6 OrangerieRennwegg, Wien, Austria,+43 1 7955 7200

Music | Film Festival

28 June – 31 August

Throughout July and August, Vienna’s City Hall Square is host to the incredible (and counter-intuitively named) Film Festival. Each evening, guests from across Vienna and the rest of the world gather to enjoy music styles from classical to pop, mostly shown in film format, as well as some delicious food that is served from 11am until midnight.The event is free admission. In 2014, the festival celebrates the 300th birthday of Christoph Willibald Gluck and the 150th birthday of Richard Strauss. There will also be international classical music stars such as Nina Stemme and Jonas Kaufmann.

Music Film Festival, City Hall Square, Rathausplatz, Wien, Austria +4 31 3198 2000


Courtesy Film Festival
Courtesy Film Festival


Performing Arts | Circus Roncalli

11 September – 5 October

Located at the Vienna City Hall is the great performance by the Circus Roncalli. The evening will be filled with horse ballet, dizzy artistry and quirky clowns. Illuminated by 10,000 bulbs, the Circus Roncalli in 2014 is back with a new programme called ‘Time is Honey’. The display will take their audience into a dream world with performing magicians, laser beams, horses and ponies and well as some impressive gymnastics and clowns to entertain the guests.

Circus Roncalli, City Hall Square, Rathausplatz, Wien, Austria, +4 92 2196 4940




By Jenni Chattaway