The Traditional Shop Signs of Vienna

Aida, Vienna
Aida, Vienna | | © Paul Shafer / Flickr
Photo of Culture Trip
6 February 2018

The typography of shop signs in a city can contribute to its aesthetic character, from glitzy neon lettering to traditional swinging logos. Stadtschrift is a typographic museum in Vienna that is aiming to preserve and document historical façade lettering, which they fear is being lost due to the decline of small businesses. The association wants to ‘promote awareness of the handwriting of Vienna by preserving obsolete logos with nostalgic meaning from being scrapped.’ Here’s a small selection of their finds, as well as iconic signs that continue to light up the city streets.

Vintage cinema

This italic neon lettering belongs to Film Casino, one of Vienna’s vintage cinemas.

Film Casino,


The lit-up signs of Film Casino | © FILM CASINO

The Stadtschrift museum

This wall, arranged by the Stadtschrift museum, contains various rescued shop signs, meaning that they can continue to be appreciated by the public.

Stadtschrift museum, Kleine Sperlgasse 2c, 1020 Wien, Austria

Stadtschrift_Mauerschau M © Stadtschrift_Klaus Pichler

Logos | © Stadtschrift museum

Stadtschrift_Office © Stadtschrift_Klaus Pichler

The rescued letters hang on the wall | © Stadtschrift Museum

Classic travel agents

Logos | © Stadtschrift museum

Timeless handbag store

Logos | © Stadtschrift

A family butcher

The mustard yellow letters stand out from the shop front of this butcher shop.

Yellow letters of a butcher shop | © H.KoPP / Flickr

Iconic chains

One of Vienna’s café chains, Aida, opts for shocking-pink neon lettering. The cake, ice cream and coffee shops are dotted all around the city.

Aida sign against a blue sky | © Jana Markova / Flickr

A traditional look

The classic painted letters of a guest house in Vienna.

Wien, 2017, Restaurant, Miznon, Copyright

Iconic and well-loved

Café Pruckel is one of Vienna’s most iconic coffee houses, where you can enjoy delicious traditional Viennese pastries and soak up the elegant atmosphere over a cup of good-quality coffee.

Café Pruckel, Stubenring 24, 1010 Wien, Austria, +43 1 5126115

Café Pruckel | ©

Classic electronics

Here’s an old radio store with vintage-style neon lettering, synonymous with the 1920s and ’30s.

Electro Radio shop | © Herbert Ortner / Flickr