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The Best Brunch Spots In Altstadtviertel, Linz

The Best Brunch Spots In Altstadtviertel, Linz

Picture of Laura Pioli
Updated: 24 November 2016
The Brunch trend has officially taken over the world, and now, whether you’re visiting New York or Linz, you’re likely to find a variety of great brunch spots. These are the best places around Linz‘s Altstadtviertel where you can taste brunch and breakfast specialties.


This spot offers a great atmosphere in a casual and modern setting. Ideal during the Summer months, when you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast outside in the courtyard, the U.hof offers amazing food. Most of the dishes served are Austrian specialties, so this is a great place for a local brunch experience.

Address and telephone number: Landstraße 31,4020 Linz,Austria +43 732 770605

Josef Linz

A traditional German/Austrian brew pub, the Josef Linz is also open for breakfast and brunch. The food is not too expensive and the atmosphere is relaxing, with music playing in the background. They also have a beautiful inner garden so that guests can enjoy their meals and drinks outside when the weather is good.


Address and telephone number: Landstraße 49,4020 Linz,Austria +43 732 773165

Kuk Hofbackerei

An old-time bakery which offers delicious cakes, juices and international breakfast options, the Kuk is definitely one of the best patisseries in Austria. Here you’ll be able to try the famous cake from Linz, the ‘Linzer.’ Located next to the old square, this charming patisserie has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Address and telephone number: 17,4020 Linz,Austria +43 732 784110


A great place for grab and go food, the Leberkas offers coffee and amazing sandwiches – the meaty options are particularly tasty. The place is very popular so there’s always a line outside, and the sandwiches are less than €3 each. 


Address and telephone number: Rathausgasse 3,4020 Linz,Austria +43 732 796868

Das Schloss

The Das Schloss is located right next to the castle on the top of a small hill, and the view while you’re eating here is simply stunning. This is a lovely modern restaurant which offers a variety of breakfast options. The place is also ideal for dinner, so you can come back in the evening if you have enjoyed their breakfast.

Address and telephone: Schlossberg 1a,4020 Linz,Austria +43 732 302315


If you’re planning a visit to the Ars Electronica during the morning,  Cubus is the perfect place to stop for breakfast before going in and exploring. They serve quality modern cuisine and the service is excellent. Moreover, Cubus offers a beautiful view over the city and the river. 


Address and telephone: Ars-Electronica-Straße,4040 Linz,Austria +43 732 944149


Open since 1929 and famous for its Linzer cakes, the Jindrak offers a wide variety of cakes personally made by the confectioner. You can try their cakes sitting at one of their tables or you can also have them put in a box and take them home with you. The place serves good coffee aside from the cakes, so this is a great place to start the day.


Address and telephone number: Herrenstraße 22,4020 Linz,Austria +43 732 775258

Café Traxlmayr

Café Traxlmayer is a friendly café with an English menu, affordable prices, and welcoming staff. The great combination of tea and strudel can be ordered and sampled inside the café, which has a lovely seating space. Their pastries are tasty and won’t disappoint.


Address and telephone: Promenade 16,4020 Linz,Austria +43 732 773353


Lentos has a great location on the Danube riverside and it features a fantastic terrace. Their daily menu is good and the eating experience is made even better by the stunning views of the river. The café serves tasty international breakfast options, and the place is also ideal for lunch. The atmosphere is casual and it’s a perfect spot to come with family and friends.


Address and telephone: Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1,4020 Linz,Austria +43 732 784242