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The Best Restaurants In Salzburg's Altstadt
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The Best Restaurants In Salzburg's Altstadt

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Known the world over for its beautiful Baroque architecture and for being Mozart’s hometown, Salzburg boasts a historic center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town and the stunning Alpine surroundings make this a destination of unforgettable beauty. Here’s a list of the ten best restaurants in the picturesque historic center or Altstadt.
Altstadt, Salzburg
Altstadt, Salzburg | © Pedro Plassen Lopes
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The Zirkelwirt is a trendy café featuring rustic decor dominated by its wooden furniture, that serves home-made traditional food, offering student specials. Try their onion soup, one of the most popular dishes in Austria, or the cheese dumplings with roasted onions and salad for a more original option. This is the ideal place for a lunch break between museums or after a long walk in the Salzburg’s gardens. The Zirkelwirt has recently opened a beautiful beer garden so that guests can have their meals outside.

Address and telephone number: Pfeifergasse 14,5020 Salzburg, Austria +43 (0)662842796

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Pan e Vin

Set in a 600 year old house this tiny Italian trattoria, Pan e Vin, serves typical Italian dishes and quality wine in an intimate space with only a few tables. This chic restaurant is close to most of the concert halls in the city. Their tomato soup with meat and pasta are must-tries. They offer a set 5-course menu which allows customers to sample their main specialties. The menu changes seasonally to offer the best and freshest ingredients. The restaurant organizes events such as wine tastings, cocktail receptions and corporate meetings.

Address and telephone: Gstättengasse 1,5020 Salzburg,Austria +43 (0)662 844666 14

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Afro Café

The Afro Cafè is an original café decorated with some reused pieces from the beach, featuring hut pink walls and butterfly chairs. This restaurant has a friendly vibe and serves food from breakfast to dinner. They offer amazing vegetable dishes plus special dishes from South-Africa which are really worth a try. Come and experience African culture in the colorful and friendly atmosphere of this Salzburg coffee shop.

Address and telephone: Bürgerspitalpl. 5,5020 Salzburg,Austria +43-662-844888

Altstadt, Salzburg © Cuong Vu

Altstadt, Salzburg © Cuong Vu

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The Green Garden

The Green Garden is a bright modern cottage restaurant perfect for vegetarians and vegans. The welcoming staff serve customers in a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant gives great importance to the sustainability of the production of agricultural produce, offering a healthy and sustainable menu using mostly organic local and seasonal ingredients. They strive to constantly create new dishes, always beautifully presented, to provide customers with an exciting dining experience. Come and enjoy a healthy brunch in their beer garden.

Address and telephone: Nonntaler Hauptstraße 16,5020,Austria – +43 662 841201

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Shrimps Bar

Shrimps serves tasty dishes such as the shrimp baguette slathered in cocktail sauce or the shark steak, making this the perfect spot for any seafood lover. The bar has been open for over 30 years and has recently been refurbished. Its tangerine walls and the modern artwork make this a trendy place to hang out and have dinner in the classy Austrian city. Come and have a romantic dinner or late night cocktails in a warm candlelit atmosphere.

Address and telephone: Steingasse 5,5020 Salzburg,Austria +43 662 874484

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In this modern restaurant, decorated in bold colors and a veritable forest of stag antlers, customers can enjoy a delicious variety of seasonal dishes. M32 has a large glass wall that lets all the daylight in, and a gorgeous terrace with beautiful views of Salzburg’s mountains. They offer a two-course lunch for 15€. Try their Veal ‘Wienerschnitzel’ with parsley potatoes or the Tagliolini in Blue Stilton sauce with capers from their dinner menu. Both their lunch and dinner menu feature some exquisite culinary treats.

Address and telephone number: Mönchsberg 32,5020 Salzburg,Austria +43 662 84 10 0

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All the ingredients used at the Triangel are fresh from the market. The pictures on the restaurant’s walls are a tribute to Salzburg Festival luminaries. This is the perfect place for anyone who wants to sample some typical Austrian dishes in a traditional inn setting. The restaurant’s philosophy is concerned with economic and environmental sustainability, using fair-trade and organic ingredients. They know their providers and often visit the production sites.

Address and telephone: Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 7, 5020 Salzburg, Austria +43 662 842229

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This stunning restaurant with colorful stained glasses which illuminate the whole place and specializes in Austro-Italian cuisine. Sarastro is a young and cosmopolitan café, bistro and bar with a lively atmosphere and friendly staff. Sample one of their Italian inspired dishes such as the parmisan risotto or the penne all’arrabiata and accompany with one of their creative cocktails or fine wines.

Address and telephone number: Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 9,5020 Salzburg,Austria +43 662 843532

Penne All'arrabiata © Yasmina Haryono

Penne All’arrabiata © Yasmina Haryono