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Night view of Linz©Ailura, Wikicommons
Night view of Linz©Ailura, Wikicommons

The 10 Best Cafes In Linz, Austria

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The third largest city in the country and capital of the state of Upper Austria, Linz is home to one of Austria’s most diverse populations. Located towards Austria’s northern border with the Czech Republic, Linz has been officially recognized as one of Europe’s cultural bastions. Visitors to the city are greeted with a landscape of architectural magnificence. If you’re exploring Linz and you fancy a break, check out our guide of the best cafes in the city where you can have a good cup of coffee and some snacks.


Patisserie| ©Welleschik/Wikicommons
Patisserie| ©Welleschik/Wikicommons

Bakery Brandl Linz

Bakery Brandl Linz lives up to its title, ‘Master of hand pastry.’ With a grand selection of bread, pastries and other baked goods accompanied by famous Austrian coffee, this bakery turned cafe is the perfect place to take a break and savor Austrian delights.

Address: Landstraße 48, 4020 Linz, Austria,+43 732 7736355

Schloss Cafe

Offering some of the best views of Linz and the Danube river, the Schloss cafe is a great option for visitors wishing to take a break whilst still taking in the beauty of the city’s landscape. There’s a good range of typical cafe drinks and snacks and the welcome addition of a barbecue in the summer season.

Address: Tummelplatz 10, Linz A-4020, Austria,+43 732 781574

Teesalon Madame Wu

Regarded as the finest tearoom in Linz, the Teesalon Madame Wu is a tearoom with oriental features. They offer an extensive variety of high quality specialty teas alongside traditional Austrian coffee and exquisite Chinese dumplings. In this unique place, you can take part in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The cafe has a serene ambiance and there is often a classical pianist playing, making this one of the most exclusive places to stop for tea and coffee.

Address:Altstadt 13, 4020 Linz, Austria,+43 732 781718


Steering away from many of the traditional cafes that line the numerous streets of Linz, Monkee’s represents the up and coming trends in the city attracting a large student clientele. The cafe connects the West and the East under one roof. Whilst still making the most of the local heritage of the Austrian coffee house, the introduction of Japanese bubble tea adds a degree of cultural diversity making this an original and fun place to hang out.

Address: Mozartstraße 7, 4020 Linz, Austria


Set in the heart of Linz, Walker’s tearoom appeals to the lovers of traditional cafes with its quaint and cozy setting. Renowned for its great selection of drinks and meals and for the particularly high standard of its breakfasts, this is the perfect choice for tourists wishing to kick back whilst enjoying homemade and hearty meals and comforting drinks.

Address: Hauptpl. 21, 4020 Linz, Austria,+43 732 788070

Postlingberg’s Cafe Lounge

Postlingberg’s Cafe Lounge offers impressive panoramic views of the city from its scenic terrace and a luxurious setting inside. This cafe lounge focuses on delivering a premium cafe experience, with a range of coffee, breakfast items, and a wine list for customers looking for something stronger.

Address: Am Pöstlingberg 14, 4043 Linz, Austria,+43 732 716633

Lentos Cafe

The Lentos cafe veers towards a more contemporary and cosmopolitan cafe experience. Known for its edgy and artsy coffees and appealing to fair-trade coffee lovers, this is one of the most popular places to kick back and enjoy great coffee.

Address: Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1, 4020 Linz, Austria,+43 732 784242

Traxlmayr Cafe

Whilst many cafes claim to promote the Austrian heritage of the traditional Viennese coffeehouse in terms of the products they offer, few other places in Linz compare to the jewel of Linz’s coffeehouse crown, the Traxlmayr cafe. With old-style decor giving the place a classical and sophisticated look, there is no better place in Linz to enjoy traditional Viennese coffee than in this traditional coffeehouse.

Address: Promenade 16, 4020 Linz, Austria,+43 732 773353

Death Cafe

Although many people may find the Death Cafe concept a rather ominous way to have a coffee, this organization provides one of the most intriguing and enlightening cafe experiences. This pop-up cafe has previously organized an event encouraging visitors to talk openly about death and associated experiences whilst enjoying a host of coffee based beverages. Although this is a very unusual approach, it is for this precise reason that many find this an unsettling and exciting social experience.


At Jindrak patrons will be able to taste a part of the country’s history through the world famous Austrian Tortes of the confectioner Jindrak. With a legacy that dates back to 1929, this is considered one of the oldest known cake recipes in the world. A trip to Linz is not complete without trying the locally crafted and historically recognized Linzertorte.

Address: Herrenstraße 22, 4020 Linz, Austria,+43 732 775258