The 10 Best Late Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Innsbruck, Austria

Flusspromenade in Innsbruck| ©Ikiwaner/Wikicommons
Flusspromenade in Innsbruck| ©Ikiwaner/Wikicommons
Nestled in the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is known for the quality and variety of its winter sports facilities. Innsbruck encapsulates the culture of Austria, retaining its traditional roots while moving forward as a new and exciting contemporary city that attracts a large amount of tourists each year. Whether you visit Innsbruck to participate in winter sports or you want to have a relaxing holiday by the Alps, we’ve listed the 10 best places to start the day with some delicious breakfast or brunch.
Breakfast ©Janine/Wikicommons

The Breakfast Club

Coffee Shop, Austrian, Italian, Tea , $$$

Catering to visitors wishing to sample the best of brunch and breakfast cuisine, The Breakfast Club is one of the most popular locations in Innsbruck for great quality breakfast treats. The restaurant defines itself as ‘the godfather of Brunch in Innsbruck’. They offer a huge breakfast selection including American favorites served in a contemporary European style. Breakfast is also accompanied by a variety of tea and coffee. They also cater for vegetarians and for people with lactose or gluten intolerance.

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Penz Bar

Bar, European
An integral part of the Penz hotel infrastructure and located on the building’s fifth floor, the Penz Bar provides guests with a wide range of breakfast and brunch favorites in true luxurious fashion. Breakfast includes a selection of breakfast champagnes, a wide assortment of breads and cakes, cold cuts and eggs cooked in various different ways.
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Alpenlounge Seegrute

Restaurant, Austrian, Vegan, Vegetarian, $$$
Reached by cable car, the Alpenlounge Seegrute is situated high up in the Tyrolian Mountains featuring panoramic views of Innsbruck. The restaurant provides a self-service breakfast buffet. With a delicious selection of traditional Austrian favorites, the Alpenlounge Seegrute provides the perfect location to sample the best of Austrian cuisine while enjoying typically Austrian scenic mountain views.
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Backer Ruètz Maximilianstrabe

Bakery, Pastry Shop, Austrian, Dessert, Pastries, $$$
Assortment of Bread
Assortment of Bread | ©Pexels/ Pixabay
Part of a small Austrian chain, the Backer Ruètz specializes in a variety of delectable bakery treats. The bakery is popular thanks to its central location and the efficient service in a relaxing ambiance. From its range of bread-based favorites to its spectacularly crafted cakes and pastries, the Backer Ruètz is the perfect breakfast contender.
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Orangerie Innsbruck

The Orangerie Innsbruck thrives in the heart of Innsbruck’s cultural center. Housed on the second floor of a building, the Orangerie provides a multitude of mouthwatering and comforting favorites, whilst utilizing the best of European and Mediterranean ingredients. Guests enjoy the eartunes radio, letting you select your own songs while enjoying good quality brunch specials. For Sunday Brunch they offer an all-you-can-eat buffet including ham, salmon and many other options.

Address: Maria-Theresien-Straße 10, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria, +43 512 581 639

Cammerlander Tapabar

The Cammerlander Tapabar features a modest selection of European breakfast favorites with a traditional Spanish flair, including options such as Andalusian or Barcelona breakfast. Breakfast includes a substantial palette of fresh Mediterranean ingredients prepared to make the finest quality breakfasts while guests can enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding Tyrolian Mountains.

Address: Innrain 2, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria, +43 512 586398

Konditore - Café Valier

Patisserie, Cafe, Austrian, Coffee, Tea , Fast Food, Vegetarian, $$$
Flusspromenade in Innsbruck
Flusspromenade in Innsbruck | ©Ikiwaner/Wikicommons
Enjoying a central location within Innsbruck’s cultural district, the Cafè Valier is one of the best places to sample European patisserie options alongside a wide selection of other sweet items. Noted for its selection of artisan made cakes and marzipan figures with a traditional blend of flavors, the Café Valier is perfect at providing that loving breakfast treat.
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Cafè Maria Von Burgund

Coffee Shop, Austrian, Tea

A renowned breakfast spot loved by locals and tourists alike, the Café Maria Von Burgund features a wide range of specialist bakery products accompanied by a wide selection of artisan coffees. With a casual and relaxing atmosphere and located near the famed Golden Roof, the Cafè Maria Von Burgund is a perfect option for visitors wishing to start their day in style.

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Cafè Bellini’s

A traditional Italian Café in the heart of Innsbruck’s cultural quarter, Café Bellini’s is known for its trendy and warm environment and its professional service. With beautiful terrace views and a range of artisan patisseries, the Café Bellini is the perfect location for guests seeking a slick and efficient breakfast option.

Address: Meraner Str. 5, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria, +43 676 84636360

Konrad’s Austrian Steaks

Bar, Restaurant, European
Providing delicious breakfast specialties, Konrad’s Austrian Steaks features a huge European buffet selection, from the typical cold meat cuts to English style options. The bar itself is well located in Innsbruck’s center and welcomes a bustling crowd of tourists and locals wishing to sample their quality cuisine. This restaurant is famed for both its breakfasts and its sumptuous steaks.
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