Stunning Indoor Gardens Worth a Visit in Vienna

© Gregor Lechner
© Gregor Lechner
Photo of Culture Trip
30 October 2017

Towering palm trees and lush bunches of foliage climb up the glass façades of these indoor gardens. Tropical paradises in the heart of Vienna, the following indoor gardens provide an exotic atmosphere for green thumbs to enjoy the plants, trees, and flowers whether it’s raining or shining outside.

Palmenhaus at Schönbrunn

Located at the site of a former Dutch botanical garden and on the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace, this magnificent structure was erected around 1881 on the instruction of Franz Xaver Segenschmids.

A few of the beautiful tropical plants inside the greenhouse | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

A staggering 113-meters (370.7-feet) long and 28-meters (91.9-feet) high, The Schönbrunner Palmenhaus is the last and largest of its kind on the European continent and has a central pavilion as well as two side pavilions.

Bright green palms | © Mary Madigan/Flickr

With around 4,000 different species of plants from all around the world, including the Mediterranean region, the Canary Islands, South Africa, America, and Australia, it is a paradise of tropical wonders inside. One of the most notable is a 350-year-old olive tree, donated by Spain in the 1970s.

The spiral staircase of the greenhouse | © perceptions (on & off)/Flickr

Regulated by steam water, three different climatic zones operate to keep the plants alive—a colder section is in the north area, a medium temperature in the central pavilion, and tropical temperatures in the south. The exterior, a staggering blend of iron and glass, fits perfectly into its pristine surroundings.

Close up shot of palm trees at Schoenbrunn | © Joe Ross | flickr
The lush interior of the green house | © s74/Shutterstock
The exterior of the Schönbrunn Palm House | © superscheeli/Flickr

Burggarten Palm House

Considered one of the most beautiful Jugendstil greenhouses ever built, this 2050-square-meter (2451.8-square-yard) building houses a beautiful collection of plants and the exotic addition of a tropical butterfly house—a hugely popular tourist destination—at one end.

Bar area of the palm house | © Gregor Lechner
The beautiful Art Nouveau Architecture | © Gregor Lechner

Located directly next to the impressive Hofburg Imperial Palace, the structure was designed by 1901 architect Friedrich Ohman and was originally intended to be used as a summer greenhouse for the Emperor.

Inside the Burggarten palm house | © Austrian Tourist Board
The exterior of the Burggarten Palm House | © Gregor Lechner

Not just an Art Nouveau architectural masterpiece, the Palm House is also one of the most popular restaurants in Vienna, serving typically Austrian cuisine, such as strudel, schnitzel and traditional soups that can be enjoyed beneath the exotic plants.

Palmenhouse | © Rrrainbow/Shutterstock
Bird’s eye view of the restaurant | © Gregor Lechner
Dinner places in the palm house | © Gregor Lechner

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