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The 10 Best Cultural Restaurants in Vienna

The 10 Best Cultural Restaurants in Vienna

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Vienna’s culinary scene is as rich as its cultural calendar: it thrives on the delicacies of Austrian cuisine and borrows from international influences. The restaurants in the former imperial capital reflect this, offering traditional, stunning food that ranges from the classic Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte to insider treats, such as Frittatensuppe or Tafelspitz. We take a gastronomic tour of Vienna to bring you its ten best restaurants.




Reinthaler’s Beisl

Seen from the outside, Reinthaler’s Beisl seems like a regular Viennese restaurant. In fact, it is so inconspicuous that it might go unnoticed. But Reinthaler’s is a true hidden gem – if a Viennese who knows a thing or two about his city is asked for a restaurant where succulent Schnitzels and mouth-watering meats can be enjoyed in a convivial setting, their answer will probably be Reinthaler’s Beisl. In Austria, a Beisl indicates an extremely homely and comfortable restaurant, mostly serving traditional Austrian dishes. This is exactly what Reinthaler’s is: a cozy little venue that uses Austrian recipes to cook up fantastically simple, reasonably priced meals. The location is also excellent: Reinthaler’s is in the heart of Vienna’s first district, in a narrow alleyway just a few steps away from Stephansplatz.

Dorotheergasse 4, Graben, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5131249




Glacis Beisl

Like Reinthaler’s Beisl, Glacis Beisl is characterized by its laid-back atmosphere. It has a distinctively contemporary vibe to it, visible both in the design and the menu. Dishes served at Glacis Beisl draw from traditional Austrian recipes, but also offer a much lighter take on the classics and demonstrate an interesting range of inspired twists. One of its best features is its lovely outdoor garden, which can be fully enjoyed when the sun shines over Vienna. The venue is located in the Museums Quartier, where MUMOK, Leopold Museum, Kunsthalle Wien and many more cultural centers are housed, making the Beisl a fantastic culinary destination for all culture lovers visiting Vienna.

Zugang Breitegasse 4, Museumsplatz 1, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5265660


Glacis Beisl © traveljunction

Glacis Beisl © traveljunction



Steirereck is sure to please even the most demanding. The venue has been awarded two Michelin stars and is widely acclaimed as one of the best restaurants not just in Vienna or Austria, but in the world. Here, the miracle-making hands of chef Heinz Reitbauer utilize local and seasonal produce to prepare exquisite dishes that reinterpret traditional Austrian cuisine with a contemporary twist. All kinds of high-quality ingredients are prepared and assembled using creative and top-secret recipes. Of particular note is the incredible variety of homemade bread and fragrant cheeses. A true gem located in the central Stadtpark, Steirereck is an unmissable treat for those with an appetite for some of the best food on offer in Vienna.

Am Heumarkt 2A / im Stadtpark, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 7133168


Steirereck © Richard Shaw

Steirereck © Richard Shaw


Café Landtmann

The Viennese coffeehouse culture is part of the city’s genetic code to the extent that it was, in recent years, listed as part of Austria’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Café Landtmann might just be the Viennese coffeehouse to visit. Located just in front of the Rathaus on the Ringstrasse, Café Landtmann exudes elegance and sophistication. It has been a favorite for important cultural figures, such as Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich, Burt Lancaster, Paul McCartney, and more. A great variety of mouth-watering, typically Austrian pastries and cakes are offered, to be enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee, tea or chocolate for a traditional Viennese break. Insider tip: the traditional choice at Café Landtmann is the stunning Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesoße (vanilla sauce) and a Wiener Melange (espresso with milk).

Universitätsring 4, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 24100100




Gnocchi di patate, ravioli al tartufo nero, mozzarella di bufala, filetti, risotto… The restaurant’s name is a good enough clue, but a quick look at the menu clears all doubts: at Fabios, Italian cuisine is what’s on offer. The variety and quality of dishes is sure to satisfy all palates. In addition to the tasty primi e secondi, Fabios can be proud of its lavish interior design. The elegant leather, dark wood and dim lights make this restaurant one of the most sophisticated spots in the city. Fabios also functions as a lounge bar: the more glamorous crowd likes to gather here in the evenings to enjoy their picks from the extensive selection of aperitifs, sparkling wines and long drinks.

Tuchlauben 4-6, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5322222




Stews are among the most prominent dishes of Austrian gastronomy, and the Tafelspitz is a favourite -the succulent cut of beef boiled in broth with root vegetables is traditionally considered the national dish. The Plachutta restaurants – the first of which opened in 1987 just around the corner from the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace – put some of the best stews in town on the table. The Tafelspitz is one of them, and an absolute must for those looking for a taste of Austrian cuisine. It might be a little crowded, and it is probably best to book in advance, but the trouble is worth it. Plachutta’s stews are exceptionally tender, and prepared with beef sourced exclusively from local farms. The neat and warm interiors have a typically Viennese feel that complements the focus on national delicacies.

Auhofstraße 1, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 8777087



Konstantin Filippou

The son of a Greek father and an Austrian mother, chef Konstantin Filippou’s multicultural background is evident in the delicious dishes he offers. Opened last March, this elegant spot quickly got a reputation for being one of the best new restaurants in Vienna – and it is certainly the best venue to observe what’s going on in the kitchen while enjoying a gourmet meal. Like an experienced orchestra conductor, Konstantin Filippou creates his culinary symphonies in a way that is both simple and capable of fully celebrating the flavor and quality of each ingredient. With his recipes, Filippou takes his clientele back to the roots of cooking: basic taste. Surprises await at every bite.

Dominikanerbastei 17, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5122229



Kim Kocht

Vienna might not sound like a good destination to find an authentic Asian restaurant, but Kim Kocht will change even the most skeptical of minds. South Korean chef Kim, the first woman to be appointed as a sushi chef in Austria, likes to personally advise her customers as to what courses to choose for a great meal. This personal approach also characterizes the dishes served, which are all cooked with organically grown products. The view on the kitchen, the wood panels used throughout the space and the large, comfortable white chairs make for a cozy and intimate place to enjoy lunch or dinner. The influence of Austrian and other international cuisines on Kim Kocht’s menu softens the strong Asian flavors, in a creative and surprising mix that will not disappoint.

Kim Kocht, Lustkandlgasse 4, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 3190242




Pürstner is among the friendliest places to eat in the city. By offering a convivial atmosphere, traditional Austrian food and good value for money, Pürstner is an obvious choice for any tourist. The restaurant’s decor celebrates Tyrolean culture in every corner: with its dark wood banks, fake fruit trees, wine casks, fireplaces, and the occasional animal head on the wall, Pürstner is the epitome of rustic. While it may sometimes feel overwhelmingly Austrian, it is a great choice for an honest, quintessentially national meal. The pork ribs and goulash are especially delicious, and best washed down with a big skein of Austrian beer.

Riemergasse 10, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5126357



Café Central

Café Central is an unmissable stop on Vienna’s cultural trail. This coffeehouse offers pastries and delicacies, but, unlike other coffeehouses, Cafe Central features a unique ambiance and an unrivaled allure. The cafe, first opened in 1876, has preserved the grand atmosphere of a splendid but long-gone past. The beautiful vaults, marble pillars, exquisite chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the royal, purple upholstery and the intricate design of the chairs instantly transports customers to the imperial era of turn-of-the-century magnificence. Cafe Central offers delicious coffees, hot chocolates and the must-try Kaiserspritzer – white wine with sparkling water and elderflower syrup.

Corner Herrengasse / Strauchgasse, Vienna, Austria, +43 1 5333764