18 Shots Of Vienna's Cosy Cafes

Cappuccino at Cafe Mozart, Vienna
Cappuccino at Cafe Mozart, Vienna | © missy / Flickr

Coffee culture is an essential pastime in Vienna. A true Wiener Kaffee Haus should feel like a home away from home, a place where you can hang your coat up at the door and settle into a comfy seat to enjoy a quiet afternoon. Visitors to Vienna are spoiled rotten with the numerous snug cafes on offer. Some are scrupulously traditional, with worn tapestry chairs and metal trays lined with doilies, while others have adopted a modern edge. 

Café Sperl

Café Sperl first opened its doors in the 1800s. This wonderfully antiquated joint has free piano concerts every Saturday and traditional Austrian fare on the menu.

Wien Tourismus, 2016, copyright

The warm interior of Café Sperl | © Vienna Tourist Board | © Vienna Tourist Board

Wien Tourismus, 2016, copyright

The warm interior of Café Sperl | © Vienna Tourist Board

Café Prückel

One of Vienna’s most iconic cafes, Prückel is located adjacent to the Stadtpark, recognisable by the Italic neon sign. Decked out in pastel colours, it has a 1950s vibe.

The 50s style furniture of the cafe | © / Café Prückel

© / Café Prückel

Café Central

One of the most popular tourist cafes, this iconic venue has been serving the Viennese population since 1880.


The interior of Café Central | © Vienna Tourist Board

Café Diglas

This long established, centrally located cafe has a sophisticated vibe.


© Vienna Tourist Board

Café Savoy

A famous hangout for Vienna’s LGBT community, this beautiful coffee house boasts an impressive interior.

Wien Tourismus, Copyright

© Vienna Tourist Board

Wien Tourismus, Copyright

© Austrian Tourist Board

Cafe Demel

Cafe Demel has some of the most spectacular cakes in Vienna. It is particularly proud of its version of the chocolate Sachertorte.

Cafe Demel, Wien, 2009, Copyright

© Vienna Tourist Board

Cafe Demel, Wien, 2009, Copyright

© Vienna Tourist Board

Café Restaurant Weimar

This cafe dates back to 1900 and has changed little since opening its doors. Concerts are performed in the evening, with operettas and jazz being the most popular genres.


© Vienna Tourist Board

Café Museum

Café Museum is simple yet refined. Located close to many of Vienna’s famous sights, it has become a favourite among tourists.


© Vienna Tourist Board

Café Hofburg

Located inside the former imperial palace, here is where you can get a glimpse into the city’s bygone royal era as you sip your espresso.


© Vienna Tourist Board

Café Landtmann

This classic cafe counts Sigmund Freud and Paul McCartney as former clientele.


© Vienna Tourist Board

Café Korb

This sixties style cafe has some eccentric trinkets inside, including a range of quirky portraits on their walls.


A woman enjoys a newspaper as she sips her coffee | © Austrian Tourist Board

Café Jelinek

Rough around the edges and oozing with charm, Café Jelinek is a favourite among the residents of the trendy Mariahilf district.


© Café Jelinek

Zum Schwarzen Kameel

Famous for its delicious open sandwiches, this cafe is perfect for a long lunch.

Wien, 2017, Restaurant, Zum schwarzen Kameel, Copyright


Café Schwarzenberg

One of Vienna’s most famous venues, this cafe has a long legacy of producing excellent coffee and cake.

Viennese coffee house©Andreas Poschek, wikipedia

Viennese coffee house | © Andreas Poschek / WikiCommons