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<a href = ""> Austrian Alps | © Waldemar Merger/Flickr
<a href = ""> Austrian Alps | © Waldemar Merger/Flickr
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18 German Phrases You Need to Know in Austria

Picture of Kate Jackson
Updated: 26 July 2017
Although many Austrians speak German, their variety of the language has quite a few differences from standard German. For those travelling to Austria, here are a few key Austrian-German phrases tourists need to know and use while visiting to help them get by as they explore what the country has to offer.

To order a beer, you say

To ask someone how it’s going?

Pronounced Vee-gehts

To say excuse me, you say

To ask where is the bathroom, you say

If you want to ask if someone speaks English, you say

A formal greeting, specific to Vienna—usually used by shopkeepers

Pronounced groos got.

To say goodbye, you say

Pronounced tu-oos

To say I’m sorry, you say

To say thank you, you say

Pronounced Dank-er

To say I love you, you say

To ask for the bill, you say

To say I don’t understand, you say

Pronounced Ish-habsnict-fair-stay-en

To say please, you say

To say nice to meet you, you say

To ask what’s your name, you say

To ask for coffee, you say

To say all is well, you say

To ask what’s the time, you say