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<a href = ""> Vinyl | © Anders Printz/Flickr
<a href = ""> Vinyl | © Anders Printz/Flickr
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15 Top Vinyl Stores in Austria

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Updated: 5 September 2017
Vienna is well known for being a European capital whose residents are mad about music—be it classical, techno, and everything in between. Here are some of the best record stores in and around the city where music lovers can browse and pick up the latest releases and favourite classics.
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Located in Neubau, one of the coolest neighbourhoods of Vienna, this charming store has an extensive collection of records ranging from pop and rock to blues and jazz. Set up in 2003, this well-established shop has something for everyone and attracts a diverse crowd of both young and older music lovers.

Moses-Records Vinyl-CD-Shop, Lerchenfelder Str. 33, Wien, Austria,

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Vinyl Corner

Located in the small city of Linz in Upper Austria, this cosy store sells everything from Austrian folk music to reggae and soul. In addition to music, it also sells record cleaning kits and has a decent selection of posters to pick up.

Vinyl Corner, Bürgerstraße 14, 4020 Linz, Austria,

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The 7th district of Vienna, Neubau, is an interesting place to explore, and Substance is a welcome addition to the area. Selling a variety of vinyls from new releases to classics, the collection is colourful and wide ranging. The funk and soul section is particularly wonderful. There is also a wide selection of music merchandise available including classic t-shirts and band posters.

Substance, Westbahnstraße 16, Wien, Austria,

The interior of the store | © Substance Records

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Rave Up Records

Rave Up Records is an Indie label dedicated to bringing customers all the hottest releases and their favourite golden tunes. Punkrock, Powerpop, early Hardcore, and 1970s Glam Rock records can all be found at this hip and happening store. There are also handy listening booths to try a record out before buying.

Rave Up Records, Hofmühlgasse 1, Wien, Austria,

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Inandout Records

Located in the charming city of Graz, a place with a surprisingly lively music scene, Inandout has a staggering collection of vinyls with some rare gems among the classic hits.

Inandout Records, Neutorgasse 47, Graz, Austria,

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Minerva Records

This charming record store in the picturesque city of Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, doubles up as a café. Sip on a delicious cup of coffee while searching for records. Selling both new and second-hand vinyls, this cosy joint also puts on ‘in store sessions’. Every Friday at 7 pm, DJs are invited to the decks and locals come out for an evening of drinks and dancing.

Minerva Records, Schallmooser Hauptstraße 6, Salzburg, Austria,

Interior of the store | © Minerva Records

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1990s movie fans may remember this record shop from the Before Sunrise scene where characters Jesse and Celine bond while listening to some tunes in a booth. Located in the trendy 6th District, this famous store stocks a fantastic bunch of second-hand vinyls that are dying to be brought back to life with every genre imaginable. The classical section is particularly impressive.

Teuchtler Schallplattenhandlung u. Antiquariat, Windmühlgasse 10, Wien, Austria,

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Deep Soul Records

Small but not lacking in substance, this store is perfect for smooth jazz and blues lovers. There are plenty of bargains to be found.

Deep Soul Records, Rotenmühlgasse 3, Wien, Austria

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Griller Records

Griller stocks an obscure selection that will delight collectors who want to add some unusual records to their shelves. 1970s and 1980s second-hand indie, pop, punk, and wave as well as a huge collection for metal heads. Prices are generally pretty high, but customers can try their hand at haggling.

Griller Records, Magdalenenstraße 21, Wien, Austria,

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Small yet generously stocked with an impressive range, Duxrecords, located in Graz, contains classical, blues, jazz, rock, and pop discs.

Duxrecords, Annenstraße 7, Graz, Austria,

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Best for house and electronica—genres that Vienna is particularly fond of—TONGUES is perfect for those who like to party. Be sure to check the opening hours as they vacation in the summer.

TONGUES, Kirchengasse 27, Wien, Austria,

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Record Shack

This friendly little store in the 5th District offers recommendations on DJs and club nights, and they stock a fantastic range of reissued and second-hand retro and modern records.

Record Shack, Reinprechtsdorfer Str. 60, Wien, Austria,

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Black Monk

Black Monk lives on Neubaugasse, one of Vienna’s coolest streets, and it has an impressive collection of second-hand jazz, blues, rock, metal, punk, new wave, reggae, soul/funk, and classical records.

Black Monk, Neubaugasse 51, Wien, Austria,

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Scout Records

Scout Records has a laid-back, thrifty vibe. Selling second-hand vinyls and CDs, there are plenty of bargain bins to search through.

Scout Records, Capistrangasse 3, Wien, Austria,

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SingSing Records

SingSing is a thrifty vinyl store that is a honeypot for collectors who want to pick up unusual gems. The shelves are meticulously organised, and it boasts a wide range of music from nearly every era.

SingSing, Neustiftgasse 19, Wien, Austria,