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10 of Innsbruck's Most Impressive Buildings

<a href = "https://www.flickr.com/photos/sackton/5152429743/in/photolist-8RixRz-du4xc-6VVpiV-9WcVmP-5fkq6G-ahpq5o-ahp891-rQB5c-6GZiuc-aWiG4z-9aDe9-7xnF7M-eMsCX6-gSEhpo-gKfB2n-du4xr-ahnw6v-9HHr4s-9HEjvc-9HEmBa-gSEafG-gSEijD-gSF5xH-9WcVj6-6Feh2-gSEZQg-ahkGSR-gSEoiN-gSE95q-gSEh1B-gVd4EN-gSEbcm-8RiALH-6hWuAE-gSEfLn-gSE8Co-dHGcNP-dEhGsj-gSEeAf-5uEeSR-6hWDcb-gSEcLJ-gSF69n-gSEiX3-gSEiPM-oEYqwB-Geb5p-gSEhu2-gSF6Hi-gSEjZ2"> Innsbruck Cafes | © Tim Sackton/Flickr
<a href = "https://www.flickr.com/photos/sackton/5152429743/in/photolist-8RixRz-du4xc-6VVpiV-9WcVmP-5fkq6G-ahpq5o-ahp891-rQB5c-6GZiuc-aWiG4z-9aDe9-7xnF7M-eMsCX6-gSEhpo-gKfB2n-du4xr-ahnw6v-9HHr4s-9HEjvc-9HEmBa-gSEafG-gSEijD-gSF5xH-9WcVj6-6Feh2-gSEZQg-ahkGSR-gSEoiN-gSE95q-gSEh1B-gVd4EN-gSEbcm-8RiALH-6hWuAE-gSEfLn-gSE8Co-dHGcNP-dEhGsj-gSEeAf-5uEeSR-6hWDcb-gSEcLJ-gSF69n-gSEiX3-gSEiPM-oEYqwB-Geb5p-gSEhu2-gSF6Hi-gSEjZ2"> Innsbruck Cafes | © Tim Sackton/Flickr
Innsbruck, Austria has plenty of landmarks and points of interest around the city to please tourists and locals alike. From Baroque and Gothic churches in the Old Town’s historic area to modernist buildings such as the Adambräu, here are some of Innsbruck’s most interesting architectural highlights.

Golden Roof

The Golden Roof—or Goldenes Dachl as it’s known by the locals—is probably the city’s most famous landmark. Thousands of eye-catching copper shingles adorn the roof. Shining bright gold in the sun, they make the structure stand out from the neighboring buildings. Originally built in order to be used by the Emperor and his wife to watch the parades and events from the balcony, the exterior is intricately decorated and splendid to admire up close.

Goldenes Dachl, Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 15, 6020 Innsbruck, +43 512 / 53 60 14 41


Brewery, Building, University
Ehem. Adambräu - Sudhaus und Kühlschiff
Ehem. Adambräu - Sudhaus und Kühlschiff | Ehem. Adambräu - Sudhaus und Kühlschiff
Constructed by architect Lois Welzenbacher, the Adambräu was erected in 1925. Formerly a brewery, the striking and unusual building stands out from the neat and fancy Baroque architecture that dominates the city’s skyline. It now houses the archives for the Architecture department of Innsbruck University.
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Bergisel Ski Jump

Ski Resort
Bergisel Ski-Jump
Bergisel Ski-Jump | © Andrew Bone/Flickr
This futuristic structure, designed by star architect Zaha Hadid, juts out of the greenery like an alien antenna—in stark contrast to its lush natural surroundings. In addition to the incredible views from the top of the tower, visitors can catch show jumpers in action from May through to October—a dramatic experience that they can watch while enjoying breakfast at the panorama restaurant.
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Triumphpforte—translating to mean “Triumphal Arch”—is an intricate construction steeped in history. Built in celebration of Emperor Leopold I and Maria Ludovica of Spain’s engagement, the happy occasion turned into a tragedy when Emperor Franz Stephan I passed away. His passing is why joyful scenes cover one end of the Triumphpforte while the other end depicts figures in mourning.

Triumphpforte, Leopoldstraße 2, 6020 Innsbruck, +43 512 5985084

Rathaus Galerie

Located on the central stretch of Maria-Theresien-Straße, the Rathaus Galerie is an enormous shopping center. Look up to see multi-coloured windows that create beautiful rainbow shadows on the walls. The shops inside the colourful interior are a blend of mainstream and independent stores.


A medieval structure in the centre of the city constructed way back in the 1400s, the tower was originally used as a prison in the Middle Ages before being transformed into the beautiful watchtower that it is today. In the heart of Old Town, it’s next to the Golden Roof.

Stadtturm, Herzog-Friedrich-Str. 21, 6020 Innsbruck, +43 512 587113

Hofburg—The Imperial Palace

Originally one of the winter homes of the Habsburg dynasty (they resided at the famous Schoenbrunn Palace in the summer), the palace is now the official residence of Austria’s president. The reception area offers one of the palace’s most impressive features. Often referred to today as the “Gothic Cellar”, it was constructed with many columns and vaults. A “Kürnstube”, containing the Emperor’s hunting trophies), the “Silver chamber” (treasury), and the Festival Hall (with paintings of Greek Gods) are equally mesmerising.

Hofburg Innsbruck, Rennweg 1, 6020 Innsbruck, +43 – (0)1 536 49 – 814111

Ewige Anbetung

Possibly Innsbruck’s most beautiful churches, the Ewige Anbetung is intricately decorated inside and out—with a sunny, bright façade and a magnificent interior. Favoured by locals for its peaceful atmosphere, it is well worth a visit.

Ewige Anbetung, Karl-Kapferer-Straße 7, 6020 Innsbruck, +43 512 585903


Restaurant, Australian, $$$
Ottoburg | © Tim Sackton/Flickr
Ottoburg is an architectural landmark and also one of Innsbruck’s most beloved restaurants in town, serving traditional-Austrian cuisine to locals and tourists alike. First constructed as a part of the Innsbruck Castle, many notable names are associated with the building including two of Empire Maximilian I’s sons, Phillip II of Spain, and Claudi F. Medici. From the higher floors, visitors can see some wonderful views of the winding river, epic mountains, and the aforementioned Golden Roof.
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Helbling Haus

Helbling Haus, known by locals as Casa Helbling, is a prime example of the city’s Baroque and Gothic architecture. Located at the Herzog Friedrich Straße, opposite the Golden Roof, the structure has evolved over the years—with various adjustments being made to the lavish exterior. The area in which it stands is well-known for containing a cluster of Baroque façades; however, this is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and memorable.

Helbling Haus, Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 10, 6020 Innsbruck