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© The True Size Of
© The True Size Of
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You'll Never Look at the World the Same Again After Seeing These Maps

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 8 August 2017
No, really. These fantastical maps actually do put the whole world into perspective.

If you’ve ever visited TheTrueSizeOf website, you’ll know one thing: the interactive map shows just how ginormous some of the world’s most famous nations really are.

The major reason as to why some countries look bigger or smaller than they are, is because of a certain controversial map: the Mercator Projection. Back in the day, cartographers found it very difficult to plot our 3D planet onto a two-dimensional map. That is, until Flemish geographer Gerardus Mercator came along in the 16th century, and created a fine map that could be accurately used for naval navigation.

The problem? The whole thing actually distorted the true size of continents, later leading to accusations of eurocentrism in the 20th century. The distortion arose because the map plotted the Earth’s landmasses depending on their position relative to the equator, which made places like Greenland look way bigger than they actually were.

To set the record straight, take a look at these maps below.

Who would have thought the USA and Down Under were the same size…

©The True Size Of

Looks like China, India and the USA comfortably fit into Africa…

©The True Size Of

Doesn’t the UK look absolutely massive in the Arctic Circle?

© The True Size Of

And if you put China over North America, it looks the size of Jupiter…

©The True Size Of

Well, Peru certainly looks bigger when it’s plonked right on top of Antarctica…

©The True Size Of

Speaking of Antarctica, seeing it in the North Atlantic kinda puts it into perspective…

©The True Size Of

And rather than being the same size as Africa as Mercator would have us believe, Greenland is nothing but a speck in comparison…

© The True Size

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