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Top 12 Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2015
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Top 12 Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2015

Picture of Rowan Anderson
Updated: 15 March 2017
Instagram has become one the foremost ways to keep up with international fashion talent, allowing users to discover news and trends before they hit news stands. From to streetstyle photographers, to bloggers and illustrators, here is our pick of the top 12 Instagram accounts to keep you inspired this year.


Greek artist Christos Mouchas mixes the latest fashion collections with art in Ubicouture in order to play with the ever flexible boundary between the two disciplines. His work has caught the attention of big names worldwide: Harper’s Bazaar China asked him to create a collage for their fairytale themed December issue in 2013. As well as featuring his latest creations, Mouchas’ feed gives a peek into the inspiration behind them, with pictures of his art exhibitions and European architecture.


Jourdan Dunn photographed by streetstyle photographer Melodie Jeng
Jourdan Dunn photographed by streetstyle photographer Melodie Jeng

Melodie Jeng

Want to know what your model style crush wears fresh off the runway? Look no further than Melodie Jeng’s Instagram feed. The NYC-based photographer shoots in every major fashion capital, and counts and Huffington Post among her clients. While her hometown isn’t short on streetstyle photographers, Melodie Jeng’s candid shots of familiar faces in editorial standard looks make her stand out from the pack. Her pictures tell stories; albeit very beautiful ones.


Rongrong Devoe

Fashion illustrators have found a fantastic new platform on Instagram, as it allows them to share their work to a larger audience and gives their followers a chance to look into their notebook. FIT graduate Rongrong Devoe puts the fantasy back into fashion with watercolour flecked illustrations of high-fashion, along with dreamy portraits for serious beauty inspiration. She also takes commissions and sells her work on her website.


© Accidental Icon
© Accidental Icon

Accidental Icon

Fans of Comme des Garçons and Issey Miyake will find a new favorite in the form of Accidental Icon blogger, Lyn. Balancing life as an academic with a love of avant-garde fashion and conceptual design, Lyn posts photos of her all-black ensembles and has caught the attention of Advanced Style, the famous blog style by older women. Her blog and Instagram both document her personal style and are filled with thoughtful ensembles and insight into how designers such as Rei Kawakubo run their brands. This is an Instagram account that is sure to make you see fashion differently.


© Eleanor Hardwick
© Eleanor Hardwick

Eleanor Hardwick

British photographer Eleanor Hardwick began to gain major attention in 2010 after she was profiled by Vogue UK. Her work melds a surreal Tim Walker aesthetic with a storyteller’s eye, making her photographs look like stills from a film. She’s since become the in house photographer for Meadham Kirchoffe and has joined the staff at Rookie as a photographer and illustrator. Follow her for her dreamscape images, concept sketches and a behind-the-scenes look at her music project Moonbow.


Ethical Fashion Initiative
Courtesy of Ethical Fashion Initiative.

Ethical Fashion Initiative

Ethical Fashion Initiative is an organisation fighting to secure a platform for under represented designers, most of them African women, for whom they provide the opportunity to work with big name brands and be mentored by the EFI team. Their Instagram feed showcases the success of the initiative worldwide, as well as showing their followers where they can buy the work that they support and how to get involved with their incredible projects.


Jessica Virgin

Jessica Virgin blogs at, where she documents her vintage finds and eclectic style. Her Instagram would make anyone want to experiment with fashion, and there doesn’t seem to be any trend or era that she hasn’t tackled fearlessly. Follow her for a peek into how she styles her covetable wardrobe, as well as her exploration of natural hair. She’s also a contributor to the Nasty Gal blog and a mother to two equally stylish kids.


© Ashley Rose
© Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose

We can thank bloggers like Ashley Rose for the fact that the fashion industry is slowly but surely waking up to body diversity. Having gained a loyal fanbase on blogspot, Melbourne-based Ashley Rose shares her fashion finds on her Instagram page to inspire her followers to dress their very best. She’s a clear expert on all things in plus-size fashion and her lucky followers get her top tips on what to wear and where to buy it.


Karolyn Gehrig

Those familiar with the #hospitalglam tag on Twitter will undoubtedly already be fans of artist Karolyn Gehrig and her multimedia movement to destigmatize chronic illness. Already featured on The Huffington Post, Gehrig’s latest project documents her life with a disability through glamorous selfies taken in doctors offices and waiting-rooms. Her Instagram account is testament to her ability as an artist, as well as her empowering spirit in the face of the challenges of an underrepresented issue.



MoRuf is an American artist and creator from the New Jerusalem area who sells clothes under the label Love Over Everything. His posts include clips from his latest tracks, documentations of his enviable personal style, as well as shoutouts to his friends’ numerous creative projects. Follow his account for major style (and life) inspiration, as well as tip-offs for where to get the best vintage and the freshest music.


Jessi Jae Joplin

Jessi Jae Joplin is the lead singer and songwriter of Jessi Jae Joplin and the Ruckus, and manages to fit in a career as a model and actress in her spare time. She’s also started her own fashion production company called The Fabulous Stains, where she and her group of equally stylish friends curate the best art, music and style inspiration, with a built-in vintage etsy store. Follow her for a whirlwind of ballet classes, brand collaborations and seriously great outfit posts.


Fashion Dads

Last up we have a few laughs courtesy of the Instagram account @fashiondads_. Playfully teasing the rise of fashion bloggers and #normcore, the account features very normal looking dads wearing dad clothes accompanied by an ironic trend commentary. Highlights include Giambattista Valli quotes paired with photos of Hawaiian shirts and Birkenstocks. If you think you know a dad who is stylish enough to be featured, check out their submissions address in their Instagram bio.