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The language of love | © L9Perri/Reddit
The language of love | © L9Perri/Reddit
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This Map Shows You How to 'Love' Your Way Across Europe

Picture of Alice Johnston
Food Editor
Updated: 7 December 2017
When words just aren’t enough to express your love for your boo, turn instead to words in every European language.

Take it beyond murmuring ‘amour’ in their ear – tell your partner you love them in Russian, Turkish, Romanian and Moldovian.

This fascinating map shows how the language of love spread across Europe, and shows how similar some European languages are to each other.

The language of love | © L9Perri/Reddit

The colours of the map, posted on Reddit by user L9Perri, shows the root of each country’s word for love, from Greek and Slavic to Latin and Old Norse.

Where does your mother tongue get its word for love from?

The most widespread root for the word ‘love’ is Proto-Indo-European. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, The UK and Ireland, among others, use this root.

The Latin root, ‘amor’, is also widely used, for example in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Sicily.

The rarest roots are Proto-Uralic, used in Hungary, and Proto-Slavic, used in Romania.