This Map Shows You the Cheapest Airbnb Prices in Europe

© Vouchercloud
© Vouchercloud
Photo of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor5 February 2018

In search of a bargain for your Easter or summer vacations? This map of cheap Airbnb rentals in Europe has got you covered.

According to the whizzes at Vouchercloud, Macedonia and Albania are officially the cheapest countries in Europe to plan a hotel-free getaway.

© Vouchercloud

The pretty map above shows that you can get a fab pad for a very doable £26 per night in Macedonia, and in Albania for a modest £27 per night. On-the-rise areas like Poland (£31) and Croatia (£43) also offer surprisingly cheap stays, while Germany (£45) and Portugal (£45) represent some of this year’s popular must go-to destinations that make for a super bargain.

Wondering what the most expensive destinations are? Those prizes go to the island nation of Iceland, Sweden and the teensy-weensy principality of Andorra. An average night in Iceland will set you back £112, it will cost £82 in Sweden, and in Andorra – £79, making them the most expensive Airbnb nations in Europe. They are followed by Norway at £77 a pop and the UK – £75 a kip (shocker).

The research also highlighted the biggest bargains (and most extravagant escapes) too. If you’re travelling with the bae, overnight stays in Greece, Switzerland and Germany offer the best value. And if you’re part of a large group of six people or more, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Georgia are where it’s at.

Let the booking commence!