This Map Shows How Much You Have to Tip Around the World

Alex Mellon / © Culture Trip
Alex Mellon / © Culture Trip
That age-old question: does one tip, or does one not tip. From Americans to the Brits, you can never quite be sure, but thanks to this handy little map, the confusion about leaving your server a little dosh is dispelled.

The fab little tool, lovingly named ‘Tip Advisor’ (we love the inspo) was created by Insurance genies Go Compare. How did they do it? Well, a team of analysts scoured the web and collected all sorts of data from 49 countries across our beautiful planet.

The map works by telling you exactly how much, if, and when you should tip your waiter, taxi driver or hotel staff. Oh, and what’s even better is that it even tells you how to say thank you by way of a snazzy little language tool.

Screenshot © Go Compare

Normally perceived as an ‘American’ only issue, it’s becoming increasingly customary to tip in more and more countries, even if tipping is not the custom and the service is really bad. To give you an idea, Americans are expected to leave between a 15–20% tip whenever they go out.