This Map Shows all the Disappearing Languages in the World

© Alliance for Linguistic Diversity
© Alliance for Linguistic Diversity
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Social Content Editor1 August 2017

Amazingly, there are 7,099 languages still spoken in the world. Sadly, one-third of them are under threat of extinction – many of which only have up to 1,000 people speaking them today.

In an effort to show you which languages could disappear sooner than expected, the language gurus at the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity created a cool interactive map highlighting the most endangered tongues across our wonderful globe.

© Alliance for Linguistic Diversity

Entitled the Endangered Languages Project, the map is split into three categories: languages at risk, languages severely endangered, and languages with vitality unknown. In addition to all the impressive dottage you see above, the colourful piece of cartography also provides tons of info about the number of native speakers left, as well as their language’s status.

Irish is one of the most vulnerable languages in the world | @ Alliance for Linguistic Diversity

Astonishingly, Asia have over 2,294 spoken languages, followed by Africa (2,144 languages), Oceania and the Pacific (1,313 languages), and the Americas, (1,061 languages).

All you have to do is hover over a pin, and voila, you can find out if your own language might never see the light of day again.

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