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© Yanko Tsvetkov
© Yanko Tsvetkov
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This Man Creates the Most Offensive Maps of Stereotypes in the World

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 30 March 2017
There’s nothing better than a good map – they are pretty to look at, easy to read, factual and above all, have something interesting to say about the world, our culture and our way of life, from the beginning of time to present day. Kids, adults, dinosaurs and every other boring thing in between has been mapped, so why not a map of ignorance instead?

In a world ruled by national stereotypes and ignorance, Bulgarian graphic designer Yanko Tsvetkov decided to tackle the issue head on and produce the Mapping Stereotypes Project, which charts the prevailing stereotypes for literally every country in the world.

‘There was a gas crisis, a pretty harsh winter, and we were a little bit cold,’ he says on his website. His first map posited a Europe made up of competing interests and insulting presumptions. Russia is simply labelled ‘Paranoid Oil Empire’ and most of the EU comes under the heading: ‘Union Of Subsidised Farming’.

Why did he do it?

Tsvetkov is nowhere near as narrow-minded as his maps are, though. He speaks several languages, has lived all over the world and feels comfortable throughout the whole of Europe. ‘I have friends in most major European countries,’ he says. ‘I work as a designer, so we are a big community. We’re like the European ideal.’

Of course, many will be angered by these maps, but they do reinforce stereotypes to not only entertain, but also to ridicule the narrow-mindedness of the human condition. As is the European way, Tsvetkov argues, ‘If there is a serious problem, I prefer to present it in a funny way… I think there is enough serious coverage, and loads of people who can analyse it way better than I can.’

Take a look at his maps below and see if you agree.

Here’s Russia according to the West…

© Yanko Tsvetkov
Russia According to the West 2015 map, Atlas of Prejudice | © Yanko Tsvetkov

The world according to Ancient Rome…

© Yanko Tsvetkov
The World According to Ancient Rome, Atlas of Prejudice | © Yanko Tsvetkov

A rather saucy and raunchy love map of Europe…

© Yanko Tsvetkov
Love Map of Europe 2015, Atlas of Prejudice | © Yanko Tsvetkov

Here’s a culinary map of every major European country…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

The discovery of America according to the explorer Christopher Columbus…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

And who could forget the world according to Charles V…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

The world according to the ancient Greeks…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

Here’s the Earth according to US Republicans…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

Europe according to Latin Americans…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

Europe’s future is looking pretty bleak, says this little map…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

Here’s what Luxembourg thinks of Europe apparently…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

Here’s what Poland thinks of Europe…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

And finally, Greece…

© Yanko Tsvetkov

Tell us what you think about Tsvetkov’s maps in the comments below!

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