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© Yanko Tsvetkov / Atlas of Prejudice
© Yanko Tsvetkov / Atlas of Prejudice

This Hilarious Map Shows 20 Ways to Break Europe Apart

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 5 September 2017
Europe is being torn apart again, and thankfully this time, it’s nothing to do with Brexit.

We’re sure you’re aware of Yanko Tsvetkov, the jokes graphic designer we introduced you to months back with those amazing European stereotype maps.

Well, with Europe on the verge of a major hiccup, it’s time you took a look at this awesome infographic Tsvetkov created in the second edition of his Atlas of Prejudice book series.

© Yanko Tsvetkov / Atlas of Prejudice

The satirical maps above shows 20 ways one can slice up Europe to reveal common prejudices and stereotypes. As you’ll notice, it hilariously separates the tea drinkers from the vodka drinkers, and the melancholic to the emotionally repressed!

This chunk splits the tomato obsessed from the beer, wine and vodka drinkers…

© Yanko Tsvetkov / Atlas of Prejudice

Here we’ve got a showdown between the rich and the poor, the fag hags and the homophobes and the Catholics, Protestants and Orthodoxes (what a mix!)…

© Yanko Tsvetkov / Atlas of Prejudice

And who could forget the sexually oppressed vs. the emotionally oppressed and the good cuisine vs. the bad cuisine…

© Yanko Tsvetkov / Atlas of Prejudice

If you’re a fan, check out Tsvetkov’s fantastic blog. We’re always on it. And if you want to buy his hilarious book, click here.

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