These Hilarious Photos Show What Iconic Tourist Attractions Actually Look Like

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It seems our fair planet’s most iconic tourist attractions aren’t exactly what you thought they were…

Since you were a child you’ve dreamt about exploring the colossal pyramids of Giza or climbing up to the top of the Eiffel tower. You’ve got that wonderful magazine spread of your most favourite place in the world in your head. Without a care in the world, you can’t wait to take a selfie in front of the Sistine Chapel without a person in the world. Then reality hits. Ten million other people also had the same dream and you’re all battling for oxygen trying to get out.

Life lesson? All that glitters is not gold, and those mag pics and your friends on Instagram are all liars.

Before you book your dream trip to see Big Ben, take a look at what visiting these 11 famous sites are actually like. Spoiler alert: hell on earth.

1. The Mona Lisa, Paris, France…

Just look at her, looking all perfect and innocent.

© KeystoneUSA-ZUMA/REX/Shutterstock

Not so perfect or innocent now, is she? Good luck getting to it…

© Lapon Pinta / Shutterstock

2. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt…

Oh, just look at them. Beacons of historical beauty and culture. 

© WitR / Shutterstock

Sorry, you were saying?

@ Giza Pizza Hut/ Drew Hess/Wikimedia

3. The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen…

Flounder, Ariel, swimming in the sea – calm, collected and without a care in the world.

© Pocholo Calapre / Shutterstock

Looks like Flounder legged it, so to speak.

© A. Aleksandravicius / Shutterstock

4. The Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Italy…

Michelangelo’s stunning ceiling commands hours of your attention.

© S-F / Shutterstock

And here comes the mosh pit.

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5. The Eiffel Tower, Paris…

Of course France’s most famous structure deserves a place on your Instagram feed.

© Tom Eversley / Shutterstock

Maybe not. That’s the line just to go up…

© Olga Besnard / Shutterstock

6. The Great Wall of China…

Just look at that big snake, winding its way through the glorious Chinese landscape with not a person around.

© Aphotostory / Shutterstock

Let’s just amend the previous sentence, shall we?

© Warangkhana Suriyakan / Shutterstock

7. Elizabeth Tower (AKA Big Ben), London, United Kingdom…

BONG. BONG. BONG. Ah, from Westminster Bridge, Big Ben looks like a pure delight.

© Alexey Fedorenko / Shutterstock

Sorry, what?

8. Versailles, France…

There it is. The perfect Instagram shot.

© Frederic Legrand – COMEO / Shutterstock

You might have to wait a few hours for it, though.

© Fotos593 / Shutterstock

9. The Peeing Statue (Manneken Pis), Brussels, Belgium…

Relieving himself in absolute privacy.

© Anibal Trejo / Shutterstock

Of course he isn’t.

© S-F / Shutterstock

10. Niagara Falls, Canada…

Dreamy in every way imaginable, just as nature intended. 

© Javen / Shutterstock

Not that dreamy, after all. 

© Mikhail Kolesnikov / Shutterstock

11. The Forbidden City, Beijing, China…

Just look at that sky. Those clear, empty paths. Pure artistic perfection.

© Zhao Jian Kang / Shutterstock

If only it really was that deserted…

© R.Nagy / Shutterstock


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