These Epic Airbnbs Were So Made for 'Game of Thrones' Fans

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Updated: 8 August 2017
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We’re four episodes into Game of Thrones and we’re literally all on the edge of our seats, so it’s only natural we bring you some knock out Airbnbs to stay in and feel like you’re living the Westeros dream.

Thanks to some real awesome hosts across the globe, die-hard GoT fans can now live out their own fantasies in oodles of stunning castles and villas the world over. While none quite pull off the grandiose scale of King’s Landing, Winterfell, Meereen or Qarth, here’s just a few Airbnbs that are about as close as you can get to A Song of Ice and Fire. And remember, Winter is Coming, so get in fast before the White Walkers do.

The midsummer night’s dream – Dubrovnik, Croatia…

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Oh, hello King’s Landing. Yes, Dubrovnik is indeed where the cast and crew of the HBO series descended to film all the pretty exterior shots you’re currently watching in season seven. Fit for a king (or queen), this gorgeous little villa overlooks Old Town Dubrovnik (real view above) and its glittering coastline. And according to the ad, the two-bedroom loveshack showcases some rather spectacular 18th-century old-school architecture, too.

Villa Mediteran – Dubrovnik, Croatia…

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In the same city, you’ll also find this Dornish-looking beauty. Up to 12 people can squeeze inside this mini palace’s five suites, and it’s also only a few minutes walk from the city’s star attraction: the Old Town. Whether you’re the Hand of the King or one of Oberyn Martell’s mistresses (we wish), this stonkingly fab bourgeois villa encapsulates the magic of this incredibly historic European wonder.

Alemnays 5 – Girona, Spain…

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In season six of the fantasy drama, the dashingly handsome Jaime Lannister climbed the steps of ancient Girona during an epic battle scene. This property is equally as epic. Dating all the way back to the 16th century, this period pad offers spellbinding views over the gothic metropolis and effortlessly blends the historic with modern chic like nobody’s business. Let’s just hope Jaime climbs through the window, shall we…

An apartment in the shadow of cathedral – Girona, Spain…

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It’s a bit of a mouthful, but this one is totally worth it. From this landmark apartment, you can see the beautiful period steps of the Catedral de Girona (just think of it as the Sept of Baelor for now). It comes with a fully equipped kitchen, an extra-large double boudoir and a very romantic arch window you and the bae can drink wine under before you go to the land of Z.

An elegant 18th-century castle – Midlothian, Scotland…

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A rather grand setting, we thinks. So grand in fact, it’s believed this place used to be the hunting seats of the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots (Cersei, basically). There are 32 bedrooms and suites set over 50 acres of lush land. Sleep and feel like actual royalty – what more could you ask for?

A 15th-century feudal castle – Tipperary, Ireland…

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Oh, look! It’s a real-life Casterly Rock. While (SPOILER ALERT!) Daenerys and the Unsullied recently got duped by the Lannisters, and as Olenna Tyrell literally drank (and confessed) her poisonous sins away, Casterly Rock has been on all of our minds. If you need to get it out of your system, head to Hackett Castle, a 15th-century tower house in Tipperary, Ireland. While it may look a little foreboding, don’t worry, it’s perfect for couples and families. You’ll also be glad to know it’s army and dragon free, too.

A private castle – Galway, Ireland…

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More of a Stark, than a Lannister? Here’s the real-life Winterfell. Kilcolgan Castle offers northern folk (and occasionally southerners) total privacy and seclusion. Just a few hops away from the Burren, the dwindling Cliffs of Moher, nature crazy Aran Islands – home of the Wildlings – and Connemara, there’s plenty to do here for all kinds of outdoorsy types. With all the period beams, oak doors and narrow staircases about, you really will feel like Mr and Mrs Jon Snow.

Helen’s Tower, Bangor, UK…


Speaking of Winterfell, here’s the tower markedly similar to the one Jaime pushed Bran off in season one – hey, at least he’s still alive. This tower is so beautiful that it’s had poems dedicated to it. There’s an octagonal period room, a winding spiral staircase and a rooftop reading room (score!). Essentially, Helen’s Tower has everything you’ve ever been looking for. Oh, and the views are to die for.

Fenton Tower – Dirleton, Scotland…

There’s everything from halberds over the fireplace to luxe copper tubs and even an actual suit of armour in the dining room – a little scary having Ser Gregor Clegane at dinner, but he’s harmless, apparently…

The Cozy Palace – Marrakesh, Morocco…

If you didn’t already know, much of this beautiful part of the world inspired everything you see past the Narrow Sea. Whether you see a bit of Qarth or Meereen, this exotic mini palace-like fortress will make you feel like a king or queen for the day. And don’t worry, Drogon is on holiday with his mum in the north.

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