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These Cool Subway Maps Show the Most Popular Instagram #s Around the World

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 30 March 2017
It’s official: maps are one of this year’s biggest trends. So, that’s why a couple of # fanatics decided to put together these really cool Instagram-inspired subway maps.

The masterminds behind the uber-savvy #tagsandthecity (love the popular cultural reference there, guys) project are journalist Tin Fischer, designer Jug Cerović and developer David Goldwich. According to the creators, all the stations were renamed to correspond with their most popular Instagram hashtags in the area.

The guys just didn’t want to make something fun, they also wanted to show city folk the best of travel, shopping and food in their local neighbourhoods.

“We wondered how you could visualise how people see a city, what they visit and where they eat, especially on holidays. In order not to make it too abstract, we needed a grid that everybody knows, that everybody has in his or her mind when thinking about a city, and stick the data to that grid – which is of course the subway map,’ the team told Lonely Planet.

So far, they’ve created maps for:


© tagsandthecity
Berlin | © tagsandthecity


© tagsandthecity
London | © tagsandthecity

New York…

© tagsandthecity
New York | © tagsandthecity

And finally, San Francisco…

© tagsandthecity
San Francisco | © tagsandthecity

All the tags in the maps above are based on the most significant hashtags within 300m (328 yds.) of the station. This basically means that in places like London, the map filters out all the confusing and mind-boggling street-sign jargon and replaces it with all the info you really want to know.

For example, in London, Westminster Tube station has been changed to #BigBen (it’s the closest and most popular nearby attraction), and in New York, Christoper Street has been changed to #SexandtheCity, and so on. Makes sense, right?

Don’t you just love a good map?!

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