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© Iakov Kalinin / Shutterstock
© Iakov Kalinin / Shutterstock
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These Cities Are Home to the Cheapest Luxury Hotels in Europe Right Now

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Social Content Editor
Updated: 6 June 2017
We all love a fancy hotel – you know those ones with the spas and the sexy bartenders that tend to your every beck and call – but not all of us like the price of those little luxuries. According to a report by the luxe experts at, luxury could be getting a little cheaper.

The places that had the highest average price decreases in 2016 included the likes of Istanbul, Milan, Paris and wait for it, London! If you’re like us and go gaga for a fabulous bargain, numerous other global destinations saw dramatic drops on room rates too, and yes, all these places include luxury hotels too.

So where are these great deals then? With all that’s going on in Europe with the Euro and what not, the old world is proving to be one of the most affordable vacation spots in the world, particularly for Americans.

Check out some of the best rates in Europe below:

Milan, Italy…

© Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock

Average price per night: $361

Paris, France…

© Samot / Shutterstock

Average price per night: $368

Istanbul, Turkey…

© Artur Bogacki / Shutterstock

Average price per night: $70

London, England…

© ESB Professional / Shutterstock

Average price per night: $367

European vacation anyone?

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