These Are the Top 5 Interior Trends You Need to Know in 2018

Courtesy of Dulux
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Updated: 13 December 2017
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We’ve searched high and low to find out what’s hot and what’s not on the interiors scene for 2018 – here are our five key trends that you need to look out for next year.

OUT: Millennial pink | IN: Tonal reds and pinks

There was no getting away from this powder pink in 2017, but 2018’s pink palette is much more grown up. Think terracotta, browns, deep pinks, burgundy and blush tones all mixed together to create one sultry scheme that’s perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms. Mix these tones with warm woods, silk, leather and velvet to create a space that’s rich and inviting and add artisan accessories such as rattan furniture and handmade rugs for a softer look.

Courtesy of Dulux

OUT: Copper | IN: Gold

The metallics trend is still going strong but rather than the rose-gold hues we saw in 2017 it’s now all about gold as an accent hue. The key with adding metallics is restraint – it’ll look too gimmicky if you add accents left, right and centre. Add where it makes sense – i.e. don’t go for a gold-toned decorative object for the sake of it. Make sure the addition of metal is functional as well as aesthetic, such as a metal-framed bed or light fitting.

Courtesy of Dreams

OUT: Scandi style | IN: Modern oriental

The modern oriental look has the same minimalist vibe as the Scandi trend that’s been so popular in 2017, but it’s got an edgier look. Inspired by the muted tones and natural materials of the Japanese minimalist aesthetic, this is a good look for those that like calm and uncluttered spaces. The origami-inspired shapes, such as Paper Planes armchairs by designer Moroso, give it an architectural and clean-lined linear style that can be mixed with other simple forms, such as artisan ceramics.

Courtesy of Chaplins Furniture

OUT: Midnight hues | IN: Teal

Last year it was all about deep inky hues and moody tones, but this year teal has become the new blue, bringing a much warmer feel to an interiors scheme. This can be blended with other oceanic hues (the nautical look is still a big hit for 2018) or paired with other warm ochre tones such as a turmeric yellow or an orange-toned red for a fresh take on primary colours. Look to the mid 20th century for inspiration on how to create the perfect palette, as these colours were widely used during the era.

Courtesy of Willow & Hall

OUT: Tropical | IN: Global fusion

We’ve probably seen enough palm-tree prints this year to last a lifetime – the global fusion trend for 2018 still has an exotic note, but with a bit more eclecticism and flair. Greenery is still leading the way into 2018, so incorporate plenty of lush indoor plants into your design and pair with a palette of warm, earthy tones, plus treasures from your travels. This trend also calls for a deliberate mix of fabrics, from kilim rugs and Moroccan blankets to contemporary geometric prints and Ikats – make sure at least one colour runs through each of the materials to keep the look coherent yet informal, and experiment with the scales of the pattern and textures to add interest.

Courtesy of Sainsbury’s Home

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