These Are the 20 Most Instagrammed Cities in Europe, Ranked

Paris, France | © Juan Antonio Segal/Flickr
Paris, France | © Juan Antonio Segal/Flickr
Paris? London? Berlin? Which of these is the most Instagrammed city on the continent? A new survey of the world’s fastest growing social media platform from Holidu reveals all. Read on to find out if your favourite has made the list.

20. Zurich

Perched on the edge of Lake Zurich, the eponymous city is like a real-life fairytale.

19. Porto

With all the Mediterranean cool it can muster, Porto is a city on the rise.

18. Copenhagen

Nyhavn’s colourful houses are every Instagrammer’s dream.

17. Dublin

The windswept city of Dublin has a beguiling mix of old and new.

16. Manchester

The city’s Northern Quarter rivals London’s Shoreditch for cool restaurants, thrift stores and music.

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15. Stockholm

With its bustling old town and abundant green spaces, the Swedish capital is one of the grandest places in Scandinavia.

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14. Hamburg

This year’s capital of culture is where many of Germany’s young creatives call home.

13. Munich

Visit during Oktoberfest for some amazing creativity and costumes.

12. Vienna

Another cool capital, famous for its musicians, artists and poets. It was also where psychologist Sigmund Freud set up his practice before emigrating to London to escape persecution by the Nazis.

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11. Lisbon

Home to beautiful buildings with colourful facades, Portugal’s capital is a melting pot of ideas, cultures and styles.

10. Florence

This city’s stunning historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site, providing endless opportunities for those keen to explore Italy’s rich history.

9. Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is known for its incredible art, stunning architecture and its cheap beer.

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8. Amsterdam

The winding canals of Amsterdam never cease to amaze!

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7. Madrid

Visit the Spanish capital and you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love.

6. Berlin

Munich’s cool cousin is all heavy techno, coffee shops and world-famous street art.

5. Milan

The fashion capital of Europe is an imposing concrete jungle, but walk around and you’ll find examples of intricate architecture everywhere.

4. Rome

The ‘Eternal City’ has a surprise on every street corner. Don’t forget to go up high for views of its unique skyline.

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3. Barcelona

This city’s popularity is owed in no small part to the astounding talent of Antoni Gaudí, the mastermind behind the still unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral.

2. Paris

The city of love will definitely give your Instagram feed a romantic vibe.

1. London

The second most visited city in 2016 (after Bangkok) is the most Instagrammed European destination, and with plenty to see – from the London Eye to Kew Gardens – it’s not hard to see why!

English⬇️ Естесссстно, мы забрались на верх Тауэрского моста. Ну что уж, раз мы были там, надо же везде попасть, где возможно😁 Потом уже пришло осознание💡, что зря мы так прилежно посещаем все достопримечательности🙈 На этой смотровой площадке делать особо нечего 🤷 как, впрочем, и на смотровой монумента, посвящённого великому лондонскому пожару😏 Мы старательно топали 311 ступеней вверх по винтовой лестнице, чтобы в итоге увидеть, что площадка вся закрыта мелкой сеткой😣 Я особенно расстроилась, так как не смогла ничего пофоткать оттуда 😥 И вообще обзор оттуда так себе, Лондон-то порядком вырос за последние 100-200 лет … **************** Of course, we got up onto the Tower Bridge. …Well, why not to if we were there? 😁 but later we realized💡, that we shouldn't have visited every observation point so diligently 🙈 There was absolutely nothing to do on the Tower Bridge🤷, as well as on the deck of The Monument to the Great Fire of London 😏 It wasn't easy to climb 311 stairs along a narrow winding staircase in order to see the deck all covered with a protecting net 😣 I was upset as I couldn't make any pictures there 😥 And generally speaking, the view from the Monument is not so much, perhaps because London has grown a lot during the past 100-200 years … **************************************** London The United Kingdom of Great Britain 🇬🇧 **************************************** #давайПутешествовать #earthpix #earthfocus #earthofficial #awesomeglobe #fantastic_earth #awesome_earthpix #wonderful_places #wonderful_earthpix #destinationearth #beautifuldestination #bestvacations #инстаграмнедели #igers #igersoftheday #travelblog #travelphoto #travelblogger #travelphotography #passionpassport #luxuryworldtraveler #nikonrussia #ngtravelerru #natgeoru #colors_of_day #colors #wonderlust

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