The Best Travel Photographs of March 2018

Filipe Costa / © Culture Trip
Picture of James Fenn
Photography Commissioner
Updated: 4 April 2018
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Over March, our talented team of photographers based around the world were busy bringing you uniquely captivating pieces of culture and visually stunning parts of the world. This is our list of the best bits, we hope you enjoy.

Rio De Janiero’s Ipanema Beach at Sunset

Check out our guide to Ipanema, one of Rio De Janiero’s most picturesque neighbourhoods.

Filipe Costa /
© Culture Trip

The African Penguins are now Cape Town Residents

Every year, tourists and locals alike flock to Boulders Beach in Cape Town to bathe among the cute, waddling penguins.

Jessica Stafford /
© Culture Trip

In the Madness of Holi Festival in Pushkar, India

India’s Holi Festival could just be one the world’s most beautiful celebrations. Mostly celebrated in the north, Pushkar is the epicentre of this carnival of colour.

Bhanu Prakash /
© Culture Trip

The Wild West Town that Hollywood Built

In the middle of the Yucca Valley along Route 62, a Wild West town built by screen legend Roy Rogers has found a new lease of life.

Lorenzo Anderson, shop owner of Arrow and Bear
© Culture Trip/Shea Salisbury

Greece’s Snowy Mountain Escape

Though Greece may be known for its beaches and islands, with 80% of its territory being mountainous, it has some fantastic well-kept secret places that deserve to be known, such as Metsovo, in Epirus.

Dimitrios Papageorgiou /
© Culture Trip

A Walk on Edinburgh’s Arthurs Seat

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh’s dignified mountain cloaked in magnificent amounts of beauty — towers over its city casting alluring shadows and holding secrets of the past.

Zsolt Stefkovics /
© Culture Trip

The Epicenter of America’s Skateboard Culture

Counterculture enthusiasts from around the world venture to Los Angeles’ west side in search of Santa Monica’s infamous skatepark.

Skyler Dahan /
© Culture Trip

Amber Fort is one of India most picturesque

Standing atop a hill and overlooking the shimmering Maota Lake, the Amber Fort makes quite a first impression and as you explore its vast interiors.

Bhanu Prakash /
© Culture Trip

The Niagara Falls in frozen glory

As temperatures dropped to sub-zero levels over the past month, the world was left in awe as Niagara Falls transformed into a frosted winter wonderland.

Aleksander Głowacki /
© Culture Trip

Experience a home match at Valencia FC

Now is the perfect time to go and see a match at the classic Mestalla Stadium. Here’s how to get the best possible match day experience.

Jaser Cervantes /
© Culture Trip

Kolkata hosts India’s only Chinatown

As the only Chinatown of this kind in India, Terreti Bazaar safeguards a slice of Kolkata’s unique cultural heritage – that of the local Chinese immigrant community.

Soumojit Das /
© Culture Trip
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