The Best Cities for Cash-Poor Millennials To Relocate To

Vienna’s impressive artistic and musical heritage, historic architecture and cosy coffee houses make it a popular city
Vienna’s impressive artistic and musical heritage, historic architecture and cosy coffee houses make it a popular city | © trabantos / Shutterstock

Let’s face it, with extortionate rent and overpriced eateries who needs London, New York or Shanghai? If you’re young, broke and looking for a cool place to live, then check out this list of affordable and cultural destinations you could be calling home.

Movehub analysed 32 of the world’s most popular cities, using average monthly income, rent, the cost of public transport, density of ‘cheap eats’ and each city’s safety score to identify the best places for broke millennials to live in 2018.

Each city was given a score out of 100, with 100 being the cheapest and most habitable. Edinburgh, Vienna and Berlin came out on top, but you might be surprised to find Melbourne and Mumbai also made the top 10.

City Score
1. Edinburgh 82.95
2. Vienna 78.85
3. Berlin 78.25
4. Prague 77.33
5. Madrid 74.17
6. Helsinki 73.86
7. Copenhagen 71.12
8. Mumbai 70.84
9. Melbourne 70.00
10. Warsaw 69.51

Edinburgh came out on top as the best place for cash-poor millennials | © Richie Chan/Shutterstock

According to Movehub, Edinburgh is the world’s best city for cash-strapped millennials. The Scottish capital had one of the best scores for rent relative to income, while the average cup of coffee, fuelling millennials since 1999, comes in at £2.57. What clinched it though is having the highest density of cheap eats, so you can dine out on a budget.

If cheap rent is top of your criteria then Berlin, Chicago and Vienna could be perfect.

City Rent as % of income
1. Berlin 25.64
2. Chicago 26.89
3. Vienna 29.20
4. Helsinki 29.64
5. Melbourne 29.85
6. Copenhagen 31.11
7. Kuala Lumpur  31.90
8. Oslo 31.90
9. Edinburgh 32.50
10.  Stockholm 32.95

Berlin has some of the cheapest rent in Europe | © mkrberlin/Shutterstock

Berlin has some of the cheapest monthly rent in Europe, averaging £471.45. Amazing, but eye-watering compared with Mumbai (£215.19), Cape Town (£387.90) and Mexico City (£222.60). But with plenty of cheap eats and brimming with culture, Berlin is hard to beat if you’re young and broke.

There are no prizes for guessing which cities are the least friendly for cash-strapped millennials. New York, London Sao Paolo and Dublin all make the bottom 10 according to Movehub.

City Score
23.  Mexico City 63.05
24.  Shanghai 62.38
25.  Paris 62.34
26.  New York  58.83
27.  Hong Kong 57.07
28.  Jakarta 54.14
29.  San Francisco  52.09
30.  London 47.7
31.  Dublin 46.87
32.  Sao Paulo 41.36

London owes its lowly position to its expensive public transport (nearly £140 per month) combined with the 5th-highest monthly rent, taking up nearly 52% of residents’ monthly income, and pushing the Big Smoke down to 30th, with a miserable score of 47.7 out of 100.

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