Hotels are Hiring Experts to Help You Beat Jet Lag

Long haul travel | © Gerhard Gellinger
Long haul travel | © Gerhard Gellinger
Photo of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor3 June 2017

Fatigue sets in, headaches erupt and a general sense of malaise wraps itself around your body; you’ve landed in your long-awaited destination and are immediately greeted with dreaded jet lag. There are a myriad of tricks to beat jet lag—from the latest ‘grounding’ fad to tips on surviving long haul flights; but what if your jet lag could stop short at your hotel check-in?

Jet lag is a nasty ailment that affects all travelers—particularly those who have traveled across two or more timezones. According to Mayo Clinic, jet lag can manifest itself as disturbed sleep, stomach discomfort (diarrhea, constipation), daytime fatigue and mood swings. In short, jet lag is everything you don’t want to experience when your plane hits the tarmac.

Progressive hotels, such as the Corinthia Hotel in London, are now hiring neurologists and mental health experts to help their guests bounce back from jet lag quickly. At the Corinthia, the staff hired a neurologist-in-residence to help guests overcome the physical and mental effects that long haul flights can have on passengers.

“Tara Swart gives lectures at [the Corinthia Hotel] on subjects ranging from imposter syndrome to the effect of technology on the brain,” reports Lonely Planet. “The hotel also offers a “Brain Power package,” which is designed to address areas such as nutrition, hydration, sleep and mindfulness.”

Travelers | © Rudy and Peter Skitterians

Similarly, the Hotel Salzburgerhof in Austria is reported to have hired a mental therapist to offer hotel guests relaxation techniques to help avoid travel burnout and bolster their emotional reserves. Global hotel brand, Marriott International, has also looked to jump on the wellness bandwagon by partnering with TED to create guest-exclusive videos that offer mindful tips to boost creative thinking. Going beyond the videos, Marriott is looking to host live TED Talks in cities around the world to further engage guests in positive, creative discussions. Next time you land feeling exhausted, know that there are a myriad of ways to kick jet lag to the curb.

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