You Can't Call Yourself A Travel Lover If You Haven't Planned These 10 Things

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Updated: 17 January 2018
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We all want to be ahead of the curve.

Whether it’s wearing the hot new colour a few weeks before your friends or heading to an exotic destination just before it blows up on Instagram, working out what’s hot and what’s not is fraught with anxiety.

Luckily, Pinterest has assembled a helpful list that collates information about the biggest hitters being pinned onsite. The company has tracked what products, places and concepts have seen an increase in ‘saves’ over the past year to help you determine what people are really into right now.

Quick: read these and get ahead of everyone else.

Travel journals

Saves +169%

It’s not enough to just photograph your holiday – it’s much more memorable to keep a journal while you’re there. It’s the ideal way to note down experiences, inspiring sights and favourite foods. Invest in a leather-bound notebook and write to your heart’s content. You’ll thank yourself when you open it in a few months time and all your memories are there just waiting to be relived.


Saves +125%

Keep a journal while you travel

Cities are noisy and full of people, beaches are overdone and everyone knows how to ski now. The next big destination trend? Deserts. They’re the perfect mix of adventure, tradition and uniqueness. Think about heading to Dubai or Morocco to cash in on this hot, sandy trend.

Mexico City

Saves +96%

One of the jewels of Mexico, this bustling city is becoming a hotbed of culture. The storied history of the city’s colonial-era splendor has a contemporary edge that makes this location worth a visit. Think interesting dining, fascinating museums and boat trips to look at the stunning vista.

Street art

Saves +79%

Street art is trendy

No longer the domain of scabby alleyways, street art is a huge trend worldwide. You can now go on street-art tours to check out work from artists such as OSGEMEOS, a pair of Brazilian twin brothers, or Retna, from LA, who are receiving accolades they would never have a decade ago.

24-hour trips

Saves +134%

If you can’t spare a whole weekend, this trend is for you. Packing all a location has to offer into 24 short hours sounds stressful, but getting everything done in one concerted burst of energy means really seeing the best of what a city has to offer. Plus, if you stay up all night, you don’t need to get a hotel.

Mediterranean travel

Saves +96%

If you needed an excuse to visit ever-popular destinations such as Greece, Croatia and Italy, this is it. Sunny, romantic and perfect for summer, get pinning those beaches and brushing up on your Romantic languages.


Saves +82%

Climbing is possibly the ideal hobby. It testss both your mind (working out routes to climb) and your body (constantly lifting your own body weight will make you ripped). It can be social or solitary. And best of all, you can practise in your hometown and then take your skills with you on vacation to a real rockface.

Historical travel

Saves +92%

Nice as booze cruises and mindless days lazing on the beach are, sometimes it’s nice to come back from holiday feeling enlightened. Travelling with the express purpose of learning the history of a place and getting into its roots is a worthy aim, and great to do with your family.

River cruises

Saves +346%

Cruises have shaken off their fuddy duddy image. Now they’re a convenient and immersive way to travel with a group of like-minded people. If you want to experience of sleeping in a different location every night but keeping the same bed, a river cruise down the Rhine or the Nile could be just the thing. You can even get in on the trend with a daylong cruise down the Thames or the Seine, seeing a city from a different perspective.

Living like a local

Saves +146%

Pretending that you’re not a visiter in a place is one of the best ways to travel. Not only do you experience a side of a location that many don’t (shopping in small, local businesses, staying in a lesser-known part of a city and heading to hidden hotspots), you get to imagine what your life would be like if you actually lived where you’re holidaying.

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