Europe's Best Destinations to Visit Have Been Revealed, and They're Shockers

© Creative Travel Projects / Shutterstock
© Creative Travel Projects / Shutterstock
Travel publication Lonely Planet has just unveiled its Best in Europe destinations, and there are quite a few surprises.

Lonely Planet‘s Best in Europe list is published every year to highlight the continent’s most exciting and culturally buzzing destinations out there.

One of the shockers is the British city of Leeds, which came in at number five.

Why? Well, according to the people at LP, the West Yorkshire town came in so high because they believed it had shrugged off its ‘industrial past’. Another reason was because the city has undergone and has been praised for its exceptional ‘urban regeneration’, ‘flourishing cultural scene’, ‘thriving nightlife’ and ‘reputation for food and craft beer’.

Zagreb in Croatia came in at first place, followed by Gotland in Sweden and Galicia in Spain.

On reaching the top spot, Lonely Planet said that as a destination, Zagreb was often overlooked because most travellers favoured the country’s glittering Adriatic coastline (we can’t blame them, it is stunning after all):

‘This booming inland capital is both cosmopolitan and edgy, combining sun-splashed Austro-Hungarian squares brimming with coffee drinkers with a heady mix of Brutalist architecture, thriving street art and urban regeneration.’

Check out the full list below.

1. Zagreb, Croatia…

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2. Gotland, Sweden

© Almgren / Shutterstock 

3. Galicia, Spain

Canyon di Riyol, Galicia © Migel / Shutterstock

4. Northern Montenegro…

The Tara River Canyon © KyryloKireiev / Shutterstock

5. Leeds, UK…

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6. Alentejo, Portugal…

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7. Northern Germany…

Schwerin Castle © Scanrail / Shutterstock

8. Moldova…

Presidential Palace © Tcacidima / Shutterstock

9. Paphos, Cyprus…

Paphos Ruins © Kirill_Makarov / Shutterstock

10. Le Havre, France…

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