Culture Trip Staffers Share Their 2018 Travel Resolutions

New Year's Eve | © Matt Popovich/Unsplash
Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 11 December 2017
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It’s that time of year again when Culture Trip staffers begin looking towards the promise of the New Year and the many trips we hope to take. Whether it’s road trips in our own backyard or adventures in far-flung locales, Culture Trip shares their 2018 travel resolutions.

Resolve to finally take that dream vacation

“For my daughter’s last family vacation before she goes to college, we plan to travel to Greece and its islands—a long-time ambition. No doubt some beach time will be enjoyed, but I’ll be packing The Iliad, John Fowles’ The Magus, and a white linen suit, and will go rooting around as many ruins as possible.” – Graham Fuller, Film & Television Editor

“I’ve entertained the prospect of a really big trip for years, but I usually bow to the allure of another European capital—mostly because it’s a bit easier to organize. This year, I would love to finally visit Japan, Australia and New Zealand, or South Africa. I’m also hoping to plan a trip to a major American city that I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never seen. I’m thinking New Orleans or LA.” – Rachel Gould, Art Editor

“I would like to run the Prague marathon this year.”– Tori Kuhr, Senior Manager of Digital Planning

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Resolve to meet those travel goals

“My partner Jeff and I have a deeply rooted love for animals and always try to visit animal shelters or sanctuaries when we travel. Last year, we volunteered with elephants in Thailand and had a blast! This year, our goal is to take a trip to Sri Lanka to visit a dog sanctuary and sea turtle sanctuary as well as see the wildlife national parks.” – Nikki Vargas, Travel Editor

“I’m doing ’12 in 12′ next year (12 trips in 12 months). These are a mix of UK-based and abroad weekend trips and week-long trips and as much drone flying as possible! I only managed 10 this year so got to up my game!” – Haydn Squibb, SEO Strategist

“In the New Year, I would like to leave New York on a regular basis!” – Kristen Cowden, Director of Sales & Brand Partnerships

“I want to see more of the USA’s national parks, because who knows how long they’ll last with Trump at the helm. Specifically, I’m hoping to see some of Utah. People say Zion is the most breathtaking of all the parks, so that’s at the top of my list.” – Esme Benjamin, Wellness Editor

“After visiting Vietnam this year, I’m itching to explore more of Southeast Asia. A friend of mine recently did what everyone dreams of: she quit her office job and moved to the Philippines. She now quite literally lives on the beach. I’m not about to quit my job, but I think I’ll visit her and just pretend I have for a couple of weeks!” – Grace Beard, Commissioning Editor

Resolve to take a cross-country road trip in our own backyard

“For a long while now I’ve dreamt of a cross-country road trip from New York to Los Angeles. Other places of interest are: Denver, Missoula, Seattle, and the Napa Valley. There’s still so much of America I haven’t explored! I also find road trips to be incredibly immersive, and a great way to see the quirkiest and most beautiful parts of a place.” – Rosanna Oh, Commissioning Editor

“I have just bought a panel van with my partner and throughout the course of the year we are going to convert it and head off on a European road trip. What’s most important and exciting for the two of us is not traveling through foreign countries, but exploring our own country first. We take for granted British coastlines, villages, forests, lakes and mountains, so we can’t wait to explore every nook and cranny of the place and have the extra benefit of not looking for a place to sleep at the end of a long hike! We have always loved the idea of roaming at a slow pace, and initially thought of a canal boat, but the extra freedom, flexibility and maneuverability of a road-based vehicle is too tempting to turn down!” – Ciaran Carney, Social Video Producer

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