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Brunchcity, A Photographic Fusion of Food And Design
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Brunchcity, A Photographic Fusion of Food And Design

Picture of Sophia Francis
Updated: 29 November 2016
Brunchcity is a series that joins architecture and cities with tasty food, captured through an artistic lens. Here is photography that is both unique and intriguing. With various portrayals of different metropolises across the world, this artful photo-illustration series presents the very best of food and design to whet your appetite.
Madrid © Brunchcity Project
Madrid | © Brunchcity Project
Brussels © Brunchcity Project
Brussels | © Brunchcity Project

Feast your eyes on a delicious stack of churros, a shiny layer of yummy chocolate painted on the bow of one as they sail on top of a deep chocolate sea. This photo portrays the Cuatro Torres of Madrid as well as La Puerta del Sol, some of the most iconic landmarks in the Spanish capital. Take in sights of Parisian architecture. The Eiffel Tower standing proudly on top of a delicious croissant next to the Notre Dame Cathedral, with a smidgen of glossy butter on the side. Or have a closer look at the London skyline, featuring Big Ben, the London Eye and London Bridge that stand together atop a swirl of pink icing and a scrumptious, mouth-watering fairy cake. These are some instances of the fascinating photography work showcased by Brunchcity.

Barcelona © Brunchcity Project
Barcelona | © Brunchcity Project
Berlin © Brunchcity Project
Berlin | © Brunchcity Project

The illustrator and photographer duo Bea Crespo and Andrea G. Portoles amalgamate all their favourite things, creatively exploring various designs, patterns and foods. Focusing on popular global brunch dishes and examining the most-eaten foods, the pair also craft archetypal metropolises out of paper, juxtaposing the two in a vibrant image that captures the essence of the very cities that they represent. The work is clever, fun and creative, and features the best of design and food.

Morocco © Brunchcity Project
Morocco | © Brunchcity Project
Tokyo © Brunchcity Project
Tokyo | © Brunchcity Project

Creating and portraying new photos every two weeks, the duo have been archiving the images since 2013, when the project began. They have received many positive reviews from viewers, photographers and fans, and their blog site is a diverse, creative portrayal of culture and food. The most iconic foods and cities are brought together in a perfect scene, truly remarkable in its concept and execution.