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Make someone feel appreciated on World Compliment Day | © Alan kwan / Flickr
Make someone feel appreciated on World Compliment Day | © Alan kwan / Flickr
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A Quick Guide to World Compliment Day

Picture of Alex Jordan
Travel Editor
Updated: 1 March 2017
Studies show that compliments help with social bonding and can even improve performance, so why be sparing with them. In celebration of World Compliment Day we’ve created a handy guide to flattery in languages from Arabic to Italian.

If you really want to show off some local knowledge then try using one of these quirky nicknames too. ‘Mon petit chou’ or ‘my little cabbage’ is a popular term of endearment in France, while in Italy calling someone ‘microbino mio’ or ‘my little microbe’ is another way of showing affection. In Poland, you’ll receive a warm reception if you call someone ‘kruszynko’ or ‘breadcrumb’.

Compliment Day
Compliment Day

According to its creators, World Compliment Day addresses the basic human need for recognition and appreciation. The initiative is not commercially oriented, so everyone can afford to participate. ‘A sincere and personal compliment costs nothing, but the impact on the recipient is huge,’ explains recognition professional Hans Poortvliet. ‘Nothing stimulates more, gives more energy and makes people happier than sincere appreciation. So why not use it a little bit more?’