A Look at the Most Magical Travel Hideaways in the World

THE STARLIGHT ROOM | © Giacomo Pompanin
Photo of Amber C. Snider
Home & Design Editor7 June 2018

Get ready for some serious real-estate envy, a little escapism, and a dose of travel inspiration with Gestalten’s new book, Hideouts.

As well as prompting immense jealousy, Hideouts—Grand Vacations in Tiny Getaways may just give you that extra nudge to drop everything and head out on a rustic getaway.

From geometric jungle bungalows to converted western wagons, Hideouts highlights the world’s quirkiest, nature-inspired abodes in Sweden, Malibu, New Zealand, Mexico and beyond. Check out our favorites below.

Right by the ocean

Playa Viva Treehouse. Located in Juluchuca, Guerrero, Mexico.

PlayaViva Treehouse. | © Kevin Steele / kevsteele.com

This cylinder treehouse made from bamboo opens to lavish views of the Pacific Ocean. Hideouts describes Playa Viva Treehouse as “a tropical style treehouse where inner peace and wellness are paramount.”

Submerged slumber

The Underwater Room. Located on Pemba Island, Tanzania.

Filmemacher Deutschland | Courtesy of Gestalten

This floating house in Tanzania includes a sea-level terrace, a roof terrace, and an underwater guest bedroom, where guests can sleep surrounded by aquatic life.

Formerly devout

Havelprater. Located in Havelsee, Brandenburg, Germany.

Airbnb hideout | Courtesy of Gestalten

This converted Neo-Romanesque church in Germany offers a rustic getaway, complete with minimal furniture, view of the Havel, and a private garden.

A pod to dream about

Airship 002. Located in Drimnin, Scotland, U.K.

AIRSHIP 002 | © Nigel Rigden

This architect-designed home features a convex glass and aluminum living area and stunning Atlantic Ocean views.

For mountaineers only

Alpine Shelter. Located in Zgornje Jezersko, Skuta Mountain, Slovenia.

Bivak pod Skuto - OFIS Arhitekti. | © Anže Čokl/ anzecokl.com

Perched upon the Kamnik Alps, this rugged, beautifully designed wooden shelter features a special outer shell and insulating system to protect inhabitants from the outside elements.

Livable design object

VIPP Shelter. Located on Lake Immeln, Malmo, Sweden.

VIPP SHELTER | © Mark Seelen

This sleek, black metal pod in Sweden “stands like a visual marvel, finely attuned to the surrounding natural landscape.”

Mini Mexico

La Casa Pequeña. Located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

LA CASA PEQUEÑA | © Camila Cossio / Courtesy of Gestalten

Puerto Escondido is known for its amazing food and great surfing, and this little architect-designed house is just another reason to make the trip. Featuring shuttered-off concrete surfaces that keep the interiors cool, Casa Pequeña “combines a high level of minimal design, while being low impact.”

The future is in the trees

Treehotel. Located in Harads, Lapland, Sweden.

Treehotel | Courtesy of Gestalten

Treehotel features a series of uniquely designed treehouses, ranging from a UFO shaped structure, a dragonfly-inspired cabin, and one shaped like a giant bird’s nest. Set in Lapland’s magical, wooden landscape, guests can also catch views of the Northern Lights.

Perched on an Alp

The Starlight Room. Located in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Dolomites, Italy.

THE STARLIGHT ROOM | © Giacomo Pompanin

The Starlight Room in Italy, a tiny cabin situated high up in the Alps, features large windows for romantic night views of the stars and mountains.

Down to earth

Jake’s Place. Located in Blackawton, Devon, U.K.

Jake's Place | © Canopy & Stars/ Courtesy of Gestalten

Featuring Mexican tiles, high ceilings, and shabby-chic décor, Jake’s Place is a cozy, “down to earth” retreat in the U.K.

Remote, yet comfortable

The Saltbox. Located in Elmley, Kent, U.K.

THE SALTBOX | © Neil Brown

The Saltbox is a tiny modern cabin located on the Elmley National Nature Reserve and features a timber bed, a cast-iron radiator, and a quaint kitchenette.

To see more epic getaways and rustic retreats, check out Hideouts: Grand Vacations in Tiny Getaways here.