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23 Spellbinding Spiral Staircases You Need To Instagram Before You Die

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 3 March 2017
It’s a well-known fact that Instagrammers go crazy for a glammed up spiral staircase. To most, these old beauties just look like any other roller coaster, with clean curves and boring loops. To hell with them, we say. Staircases aren’t just fundamental structures that get us from A to B, they showcase several artistic, architectural and cultural perspectives on countless destinations. Whether they are in museums, shops or in the great outdoors, these 23 fantabulous staircases we’ve uncovered are some of the most inspiring works of public art in the world.

So next time you’re exploring a cool art gallery or sipping a glass of champs in a swanky hotel, skip the mundane elevator and opt for the stairs. We guarantee you’ll be so awestruck, you won’t even notice you’re working up a sweat.

The Montreal Staircase, Canada

The Gemini Residence Staircase, Copenhagen

The Barney’s Staircase, New York City

🎵Somewhere under the rainbow ✨

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The Socal Staircase, Los Angeles

The Poznan Staircase, Poland

The ‘Mad House’ Staircase, Chicago

The Hotel du Palais Staircase, Paris

The Ivano-Frankivsk Staircase, Russia

The Submarine Staircase, Frankfurt

Submarine #igersfrankfurt #theFFarchimeet

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The UCLA Staircase, Los Angeles

The Newport Street Gallery Staircase, London

One More…🐌🌀

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The ‘Vagina’ Staircase, Munich


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The Around We Go Staircase, South Korea

Around we go.

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The Monster Staircase, Barcelona


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The ‘Blood’ Staircase, Lyon

The Vatican Museum Staircase, Vatican City

The Wroclaw Staircase, Poland

The ‘Motorshow’ Staircase, Geneva

The St. James Staircase, Paris

The ‘Tunnel of Light’ Staircase, Berlin

#theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases #berlinstagram #berlincity

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The ‘Heaven’s Gate’ Mountain Staircase, China

Livraria Lello & Irmão Bookshop Staircase, Portugal

The Melk Abbey Staircase, Austria

Have you spotted anymore fabulous spiral staircases? Share your favourite shots with us on our twitter page @CultureTrip and on our Instagram page @CultureTrip!