15 Secret Dishes You Shouldn’t Leave Europe Without Trying

| © hey_joe.int / Shutterstock
| © hey_joe.int / Shutterstock
Photo of Alice Johnston
Food Editor27 October 2017

You’ll kick yourself if you go home without trying any of these. Think beyond steak frites, gelato and roast dinners with our delicious picks.

Welsh rarebit, Wales

Melted cheese, beer and seasoning melted together, poured onto toast and grilled.

Toast is covered with the cheese mixture and it’s then grilled | © Fanfo / Shutterstock

Pot-au-feu, France

Meat and vegetables stewed in a savoury stock, traditionally served with the meats first and vegetables second.

A comforting French stew | © yvonn3my / Shutterstock

Caracoles, Spain

Snails boiled in a spicy, aromatic broth, eaten straight from the shells with toothpicks. Often served as tapas.

These snails are eaten as tapas | © holbox / Shutterstock

Stonska torta, Croatia

Buttery pie filled with pasta, flavoured with cinnamon, almonds and lemon, and covered with pastry.

A pasta pie might seen odd, but it’s delicious | © SmileStudio / Shutterstock

Poffertjes, the Netherlands

Tiny yeasted buckwheat pancakes served in a pile with powdered sugar and sweet toppings.

These pancakes are served with powdered sugar | © Iryna Melnyk / Shutterstock

Lángos, Hungary

Deep fried flatbread topped with sour cream and grated cheese.

This deep fried bread is served with sour cream and cheese | © DB foto / Shutterstock

Spätzle, Germany

Soft egg noodles made by pressing pasta dough through a wide-spaced sieve straight into boiling water. Served with dishes that have sauce or gravy, such as stroganoff.

Spätzle is a soft pasta dough pushed through a wide sieve | © Paolo Paradiso / Shutterstock

Porchetta, Italy

Rolled pork stuffed with fennel, rosemary and garlic and roasted until crispy, served in chewy white rolls.

Porchetta is eaten in chewy white rolls | © MSphotographic / Shutterstock

Spanakopita, Greece

A pie made with filo pastry, stuffed with spinach, boiled egg, feta and onions.

Spinach is the filling of this pie | © AS food studio / Shutterstock

Salmiak, Sweden

Liquorice flavoured with ammonium chloride, which makes it very salty.

Salted liquorice is an acquired taste | © Alessandro Cristiano / Shutterstock

Scotch egg, UK

A soft-boiled egg encased in seasoned sausage meat, which is then covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried.

Scotch egg is a British delicacy | © blu_pineappl3 / Flickr

Piernik, Poland

Gingerbread cake made with spices and honey.

Soft gingerbread is a Polish delicacy | © Marie C Fields / Shutterstock

Champ, Ireland

Mashed potatoes with chopped spring onions and cheese.

Cheesy mash with scallions is an Irish speciality | © Martin Rettenberger / Shutterstock

Pide, Istanbul

Boat-shaped baked flatbread topped with various fillings, commonly cheese and an egg.

Istanbul is famous for pide | © Natalia van Doninck / Shutterstock