15 Best Vegetarian Restaurants from Around the World

Veggie food | © Shutterstock
Veggie food | © Shutterstock
As more people around the world dive into a meat-free life, the restaurant industry has learned to adapt to the tastes of their clients. Many take their vegetarian dishes to a whole new level, breaking all stereotypes of boring vegetable dishes. Here are the top restaurant picks from around the world.

Vanilla Black

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The team at London’s Vanilla Black defy the stereotypes of vegetarian cuisine. In lieu of meat they don’t seek substitutes, or replace the protein with heavy carbs. The owners are vegetarians themselves, and tired of boring meat-free menus, decided to make their own that would raise the standards of vegetarian dishes. Every dish on the menu is unique and daring, combining unlikely ingredients with outstanding results. The menu is entirely vegetarian, with vegan alternatives available for some dishes.

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Proud Michelin Star holder Tian in Vienna has a thoughtful philosophy behind it’s dishes. Apart from being completely vegetarian, the menu also boasts only seasonal ingredients from regional suppliers. The menu is a choice of six, eight or 10 courses that can all be paired with a glass of wine chosen by the in-house sommelier, who was awarded sommelier of the year in 2016.

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Restaurant L'Arpege in Paris
© Maurice Rougemont / Alamy Stock Photo
With a history of 30 years, this restaurant has become an Paris institution rather than a place for a meal. Renowned chef Alain Passard has held three Michelin stars for the past two decades and continues to bring fresh ideas to the famous L’Arpège. As of 2001 vegetables have become the centrepiece of the restaurants menu and a year later a vegetable garden was put together to supply the restaurant with the freshest ingredients.
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Lucky Leek

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Lucky Leek in Berlin is one of the few vegan restaurants in the world to make it into the Michelin guide. Proud head chef Josita Hartanto brought her passion and innovative approach to create a colourful menu, where every dish appears to be blossoming with health and freshness. The menu has great variety to chose from à la carte, but note that on Friday and Saturday only set menus are available.

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burrito madness
burrito madness | © Robby Van Arsdale/Flickr

Looking at the dishes of Blossom Restaurant you’d never believe they were all vegan. This New York restaurant group goes to prove that eating conscious and healthy cuisine does not mean sacrificing flavour. The dishes on the menu are variations of well-known dishes, bringing forward their vegan counterparts. Keep an eye out for the ‘in bloom’ section of the menu, featuring creations made with the seasonal selection of vegetables.

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The idea behind Yellow is simple – to create affordable, yet creative vegetarian dining that would appeal even to an Aussie meat-eating crowd. The setting is informal with a contemporary twist, all made to praise the simple pleasures of tasty vegetarian dining. The dishes are paired with an wine list featuring natural and organic options to shape the perfect meal.

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Atago Daigo

Restaurant, Japanese, Vegetarian, $$$
Daigo, Atago
Courtesy of Daigo

This restaurant is located at the foot of Mount Atago inside a Japanese garden. The food served is here is fast emerging type of vegetarian cuisine, shojin ryori. The dishes are simple, meat-free and were the traditional dining style of Japanese Buddhist monks. The dishes may seem simple, but at the same time they represent the more sophisticated layer of Japanese cuisine. On top of that, this restaurant holds down two Michelin stars.

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Na Aroon

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The restaurant is located inside a boutique hotel that was once a Bangkok Villa, passed down in the family of the owners. This cosy nook serves healthy and tasty vegetarian food. Local ingredients are sourced to provide the best of vegetarian dishes with a number of western dishes thrown in the menu to change up the selection. The restaurant is open all day through with selections for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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Green's Restaurant
Green's Restaurant | © Bev Sykes/Flickr

This vegetarian restaurant has been around since 1981 and can now be named an institution of healthy and organic eating in San Francisco. Executive chef, Annie Somerville works closely with organic farmers, local growers and cheese makers to bring the best ingredients to the kitchen of Greens restaurant. Top it of with a view of Golden Gate Bridge and the Marina for a perfect evening of meat-free dining.

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Haus Hitl

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Hiltl | © Adrian Michael/WikiCommons

Zurich’s Haus Hiltl holds the record of being the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, in operation since the end of the 19th century. The restaurant has now opened various locations and started courses for aspiring cooks. The principle of the restaurant is to cause no harm to living creatures, which includes not wearing natural fur to dine there. A peculiar, but moralistic dress code.

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Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian, $$$
TN13-3 PaneerAchariTikka1
TN13-3 PaneerAchariTikka1 | @ Riddhi Dharod/WikiCommons

When it comes to vegetarian food, Indian cuisine is plentiful. Whereas there are many vegetarian option in New Delhi, Suruchi stands out as one of the best. The menu brings together a variety of dishes from different parts of India. An especially popular dish here are the thali tasting platters, with unlimited servings for a fixed price. A dangerous, but tempting treat.

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Georgian food is definitely not associated with vegetarian cuisine, but Nanuchka restaurant proves this assumption wrong. After serving meat dishes for years, the owner decided to switch to a meat-free diet and to adapt her menu accordingly. Now the restaurant names itself the first vegan Georgian restaurant and rightly so.
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Original Sin

Restaurant, Mediterranean, Vegan, Vegetarian, Italian, $$$

Enjoying Mediterranean cuisine can be a challenge when eating only vegetarian. Original Sin solves the problem and offers an alternative Italian/Mediterranean menu stepping aside from meat products and bringing only vegetables and soy replacements into the dishes. Original Sin provides a healthy choice of dishes, and is proud to be the first and only Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant in Singapore.

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The Avocado Show

Restaurant, European, Healthy, Vegetarian, $$$

Fancy some avocado on just about everything? The Avocado Show certainly have no problem putting avocado in every single dish on their menu. This may not be Amsterdam’s most fine dining experience, but there is much to be admired. The avocados are carved, decorated and transformed into the most Instagram-worthy foods out there. No reservations are possible, so make sure to come early to enjoy the show.

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