13 Incredibly Beautiful Blue Places to Get You Through Today

© Madhumanti Mandal/WikiCommons
© Madhumanti Mandal/WikiCommons
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Food Editor22 January 2018

Instead of watching the rain drizzle on the window this January, dream about these beautifully blue havens that you could be enjoying instead. Ready to book your plane ticket yet?

Joffre Lakes, Canada

Joffre Lakes, Canada | © Madhumanti Mandal/WikiCommons

The bright blue opaqueness of these lakes is the result of glacial silt suspended in the water. As the sun reflects off the particles, it makes the water appear bright green and blue in colour. It’s set in the stunning landscape of the Matier Glacier, which stands above the lake and directs cascading waterfalls into it.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco | © Dimitrie Stanescu/Unsplash

This relaxed, blue-washed village is an artsy escape from the world. The buildings and streets are painted a beautifully faded shade of cornflower; this incredible town is perfect for a chilled getaway.

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand | © 2il org/Flickr

These otherworldly, blue-glowing caves is one of the best places in the world to spot glow-worms. Located over 40 metres underground, these 30 million-year-old caves are lined with thousands of the shining insects, each giving off a softly glowing blue light which reflects off the still water. It’s as breathtaking as the night sky.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland | © rstefano12/Pixabay

The milky blue colour of these famous spa waters are caused by suspended minerals in the water, such as silicon and sulphur. It’s reported to be beneficial for skin conditions, and is glorious to swim in at a balmy 37°C.

Blue shoe church, Taiwan

Blue shoe church, Taiwan | © Chang Jo-Yi/Shutterstock

This is a 16m-high (55ft) church in Taiwan, made of glass and designed to look like a huge blue high heel. It’s in the coastal province of Chiayi, opened in 2016 and cost £477,000 to build. It’s meant to attract more female worshippers and to give them a venue in which to hold their dream weddings.

Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur, India | © A Vahanvati/WikiCommons

Known as India’s Blue City, this northwest settlement is home to a 15th-century former palace as well as kilometres of winding streets that are painted a soft, inviting blue. Shops sell perfumes, saris and incense, and the buildings all around you are blue, blue, blue.

Bluebell woods, UK

Bluebell woods, UK | © Ben_Kerckx/Pixabay

If you stroll into the right British wood in the springtime, it’s likely that everything you see will be carpeted with delicate blue flowers. They survive despite the long, cold winters, and are a harbinger of warmer times to come. Completely wild, you’re not allowed to pick them, so simply stand and admire the natural blue carpet spread in front of you.

Grotta Azzurra, Capri, Italy

Grotta Azzurra, Capri, Italy | © Colling-architektur/WikiCommons

A sea cave that’s only accessible by boat, this gorgeous location can be found off the coast of Capri. The amazing colour is caused by sunlight shining under the water, creating a bright blue reflection which illuminates the cave.

Skytop aquatic adventure river ride, Macau

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At 575m (1,886ft), this is the world’s largest lazy river ride. Grab a float and drift down the river far above the heads of passersby. It’s a luxurious way to travel, and is sure to wash your blues away.

Júzcar, Spain

Júzcar, Spain | © Ramón Ojeda/Flickr

Until recently, this town was the only official ‘Smurf village’ in the world. Yes, you read that right – Smurf village. Originally conceived to be a promotion for Sony’s The Smurfs film in 2011, the locals loved it so much they voted positively in a referendum to keep the colour, loving its vibrancy. It was chosen because of the village’s affinity to mushrooms, and the area surrounding the village has many interesting and delicious mycological examples. In 2017, however, Júzcar was ordered to remove all mentions of the cartoon. Despite this, though, the blue buildings remain.

The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso, Art Institute of Chicago

The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso | © pablopicasso.org

If you want blue paintings, Picasso’s Blue Period is where you go. Looking at this melancholy figure hunched over his guitar is sure to make you feel like your January slump isn’t that bad.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece | © Stijn te Strake/Unsplash

An island in the Aegean Sea, this town is very, very blue and very, very beautiful. Surrounded by sky blue waters as well as a blue sky, the whitewashed stone houses with blue roofs make the stunning landscape shine like a sapphire.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

This is the world’s second deepest know salt water blue hole, a term given to sinkholes that have entrances below the water’s surface. It’s 202 m (663 ft) deep and the water is so clear you can see down a large chunk of it. Would you be brave enough to dive in?

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