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© Nejron Photo / Shutterstock

11 Types of Trips You Have to go on Before You Die

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Updated: 29 September 2017
To many, a holiday simply means lazing about on some beach or exploring a giant metropolis. There’s nothing wrong with either – both have their positives – but with it being a new year and all, perhaps think outside the box and plan a trip that will help you grow as a human being and allow you to chill out at the same time? Go on, you know you want to.

With 2017 already proving to be quite the year (#Brexit, Trump, Russia – the list goes on and on), do yourself some justice and go on one (or all) of these trips this year. Trust us, they’re so much more worth it than your average beach break.

A road trip…

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Why? America, Australia or Europe, whichever you choose, you’ll encounter cities, national parks, and people that will change your life forever.

A wine tasting trip…

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Why? Really. Need we say more? Besides the laughs, a tour of Napa Valley could bring the fam and your friends closer together. And cheese – oh yes – those endless cheese and wine platters. Bliss.

A solo trip…

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Why? Because a solo trip means exploring the unknown. It pushes you to indulge in self-exploration without the need for a buddy. Your self-confidence will also grow and you’ll make tons of new friends too!

A ‘find yourself’ trip…

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Why? Sometimes we all get caught up in the daily struggles of life. Maybe you’ve lost someone, had a crappy break up, or just need to banish those cerebral cobwebs –whatever you’ve been through, choose somewhere you’ll feel safe in and above all, somewhere that screams you.

A ‘Who do you think you are?’ trip…

Ellis Island
Ellis Island| © Pisaphotography

Why? Have a large family? Ask your great-greats where you hail from and go find out more about yourself, your ancestors and your homeland, even if it’s just down the road.

A spontaneous last-minute trip…

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Why? For the excitement and carelessness of it all. Cheap and last-minute flights are always a great way to explore somewhere you never thought you’d end up visiting. One for the bank holiday weekend?

A digital and social media detox trip…

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Why? Let’s face it, we are always on our phones and it’s not healthy. Experience life without a phone (*screams*), iPad or TV and let your mind be creative once more. Time for a secluded island?

A cabin trip…

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Why? This one is just what you need if you’re feeling a little lost or a little low. Find somewhere up in the mountains, shut yourself away and have some much needed ‘me time’ – and 10 bottles of wine.

A hiking trip…

Crater Lake National Park
Crater Lake National Park| © Sahani Photography / Shutterstock

Why? A long distance trek is the ultimate way to test your body to the limit, grow your confidence, hold your middle fingers up to the world and get a better picture for what it is you want and expect from others in your life. Watch Wild, the film about the Pacific Crest Trail, for inspiration.

A diving trip…

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Why? Because pretty corals and beautiful fish will simply make you happy.

A volunteering trip…

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Why? Building strong relationships, giving something back to the community and a sense of accomplishment are just a few of the things you’ll experience on a volunteering trip.

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