11 Amazing Countries to Visit Where The US. Dollar is Strong Right Now

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Updated: 8 June 2017
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It’s summer. You’re broke. And you desperately need a vacation. If you hail from the USA, your prayers have been answered, because these wonderful, diverse, and beautiful places will make your dollars go far. Very far.


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What to do? Explore ancient palaces, shop in buzzing cities and ‘gram cherry blossoms to your heart’s content in the beautiful city of Kyoto. Wherever you go here, your dollar will stretch further than ever before.

Current rates: 1 USD = 109.8 JPY


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What to do? Endless white, sandy beaches, romantic walks, delicious (and affordable) food – shall we go on?

Current rates: 1 USD = 4.2 MYR


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What to do? Waltz through colourful town squares, meet the Walwel dragon, run through bewitching forests and Instagram the architectural beauties pictured above.

Current rates: 1 USD = 3.7 PLN

The United Kingdom…

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What to do? If you visit in the summer, a tour of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace or a walk across the tippy-top of Tower Bridge. Oh, and just so you know, the exchange rate hasn’t been this good in the UK since the 1980s, so go, NOW.

Current rates: 1 USD = 0.7 GBP


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What to do? Hundreds of National Parks, countless hiking trails and plenty of awesome wildlife watching opps. Or, just watch a hockey game in Toronto for $300 – (that is cheap, by the way).

Current rates: 1 USD = 1.3 CAD


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What to do? Head to Douro Valley and pick up a fabulous bottle of wine for no less than $3 – the food is pretty darn cheap too.

Current rates: 1 USD = 0.8 EUR


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What to do? Where do we start? Uncover the magic of Gaudí in Barcelona, go back in time and run through the grand hallways of Andalucia’s Alhambra palace, and spoil yourself silly with all the extremely fab shopping options in the grand old city of Seville.

Current rates: 1 USD = 0.8 EUR

South Africa

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What to do? Go on Safari for less than a grand? Yes please. Stay in a luxury hotel for next to nothing? Again, yes please. And those views in that picture. We think we’ve made our point.

Current rates: 1 USD = 12.8 ZAR


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What to do? Tequila, dirt cheap luxury hotels and cruises around pristine islands make Mexico one of this year’s must go-to destinations. And let’s not even mention those classy Airbnbs.

Current rates: 1 USD = 18.2 MXN


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What to do? Take the plunge in Tayrona National Park, get up close and personal in a mud volcano, or simply just get lost in the dazzling city of Cartagena.

Current rates: 1 USD = 2,915.2 COP


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What to do? Well, more like what’s there not to do. From the peaks of Patagonia to uber romantic walks in Buenos Aires, the possibilities really are quite endless. And let’s not forget the steak, oh the steak! Pick up an authentic one for as little as 12 smackers.

Current rates: 1 USD = 15.9 ARS

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