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Yerevan's Best Contemporary Art Galleries And Museums

Yerevan's Best Contemporary Art Galleries And Museums

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Updated: 9 October 2016
The rich cultural heritage of Armenia has served as a foundation for many contemporary local artists. With the support of different galleries and centers for art, talented Armenian contemporary artists have gained worldwide recognition and have started to thrive on the contemporary art scene. Explore the top ten contemporary art galleries and art centers in Yerevan with our cultural guide to the Armenian capital.
The Cafesjian Center for the Arts © Sarine Arslanian
The Cafesjian Center for the Arts © Sarine Arslanian


Arame Art Gallery

The first branch of the Arame Art Gallery was opened in 2003 by the art collector Aram Sargsyan. In 2012, the gallery expanded to open another branch of the gallery named ‘Mashtots.’ Both branches promote the works of the most renowned modern local artists. The gallery’s pride is to offer exclusive collections at the best prices with a great service. Famous actors, political figures, Wall Street investors and many art collectors, have all come to the gallery to purchase art work of outstanding Armenian artists such as Minas Avetisyan, Babken Kolozyan, Hovsep Karalyan and many others.

Arame Art Gallery, 13 Amiryan street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 539265

Arame Art Gallery ‘Mashtots’ Branch, 33/1 Mashtots avenue, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 500097


Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCEA/NPAK)

Founded by a couple of ethnically Armenian Americans, Sonia and Edward Balassanian, in the 1990s, the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, also referred to as ACCEA, or NPAK in Armenian, aims to promote contemporary art in Armenia. Its mission goes both ways as it aims to bring international contemporary art to the country but also promote local contemporary and avant-garde artists at the international level. Nearly every Armenian contemporary artist has made their debut at the center, and acquired an international reputation and recognition thanks to ACCEA’s work. Until 2009, when the government decided to take responsibility for promoting the country’s art scene at the international level, it was ACCEA who organised Armenia’s participation at the Biennale in Venice. In addition, ACCEA is also trying to build partnerships between the local art community and the Armenian diaspora around the world in support of Armenian literature and arts.

Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art, 1/3 Pavstos Biuzand Blvd., Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 568225



Cafesjian Center for the Arts

The Cafesjian Center for the Arts aims both to present Armenian contemporary artists to the world and international contemporary artists to Armenia. Following the vision and ambition of its founder, Gerard Cafesjian, the center regularly puts exhibitions together, often originating from the founder’s own collection of contemporary art. In addition to these exhibitions, many other events such as film screenings, concerts, lectures, and workshops for both children and adults are held at the center. Since the Cafesjian Center for the Arts opened in November 2009, it has attracted more than a million of visitors a year and is expecting to attract even more in the coming years, as the arts and culture scene in Armenia has started to thrive.

Cafesjian Center for the Arts, 10 Tamanyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 567262

A glimpse into the Cafesjian Center for the Arts:

Albert and Tove Boyajyan Gallery

Since its opening in 2001, the Albert and Tove Boyajyan Gallery has been exhibiting the art works of up-and-coming talented Armenian artists, and well renowned ones such as Ashot Hovhannisyan, Tigran Matulyan, Garegin Davtyan, Anatoly Grigoryan and many others. The gallery has two main exhibition halls where contemporary paintings can be admired. What characterizes the Albert and Tove Boyajyan Gallery and distinguishes it from the rest is its attempt at promoting and supporting the young talents of the country by giving them the space to organize their solo exhibitions.

Albert and Tove Boyajyan Gallery, 36 A. Isahakyan, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 561855


Gala Art Gallery

Conveniently situated in the heart of the capital, the family-owned Gala Art Gallery is one of the most reputable of its kind in Armenia, attracting large numbers of dealers and collectors every year. The gallery specializes in both modern and contemporary art, focusing on paintings and sculptures of talented Armenian artists. The founders themselves, Noushik Mikayelian and Avetis Berberyan, are well-known artists in the country. The quality of the collections will satisfy even the most critical art connoisseurs, with more than 100 local artists with a recognized national and international reputation represented at the Gala Art Gallery.

Gala Art Gallery, 12 Byron Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 548838


Naregatsi Art Institute

Since 2002, the Naregatsi Art Institute has been promoting Armenia’s arts and culture scene by supporting local contemporary artists and by creating a forum for arts lovers to come together and freely and openly express their thoughts. To keep the Armenian heritage alive, the Institute promotes creativity in art and collaborative energy, which also reflects on the roots of Armenian art. The Institute is named after Krikor Naregatsi, a famous poet and thinker of the 11th century, whose works are taken as a source of guidance. By nurturing local contemporary artists, the Naregatsi Art Institute aims to promote and strengthen Armenian art, which it believes has the potential to achieve similar dimensions as it did in the past.

Naregatsi Art Institute, 16 Vardanants, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 580105

Modern Art Museum Yerevan – MAMY

The first modern art museum to be established in the former Soviet Union, MAMY opened in June 1972 in Yerevan. It then remained the unique center for contemporary and modern art in the USSR for about 20 years. This museum has now become one of the favorite sites for interest for tourists and locals alike. The first exhibition to be held in the museum promoted the work of Armenian artists of the 1960s who had chosen to donate their artworks to the museum. Their work is still very much valued and present in the museum; however, it is accompanied today by the works of younger artists from the 1980s. Over the years, MAMY has succeeded in building its own character, but has stayed true to its founding principles, where spatial and financial resources did not matter for the initiators, as long as they could share their love for contemporary art and make it accessible to Armenians.

Modern Art Museum Yerevan, 7 Mashtotsi Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 53 53 59


Modern Art Museum Yerevan
Courtesy of Modern Art Museum Yerevan


Valmar Gallery

A visit to the Valmar Gallery is one not to be missed for any art lover wandering around Yerevan. The gallery houses the works of one of Armenia’s most famous painters: Valmar himself. Every year, the artist chooses one theme to explore in-depth in his art, offering variety, passion and insights. Moreover, the gallery is home to the paintings of his daughter, Hripsime Margaryan, a talented and promising painter and graphic designer. She draws her inspiration from the world that surrounds her, especially from nature, bringing harmony, rhythm and color to her art.

Valmar Gallery, 53-55 P.Buzand, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 580769


Dalan Art Gallery

Since 2011, the Dalan Art Gallery in Yerevan has promoted the work of 26 talented contemporary artists of the post-Soviet period. These artists are given the space to exhibit either solo or in group in Yerevan, but are also given the opportunity to reach worldwide collectors, museums and galleries. What is striking in all their art works is the constant struggle of these artists to understand their past in relation to today’s world, and represent it through the means of visual arts. The 26 artists that the gallery supports include the well-known Tigran Asatryan, Narek Avetissian, Khachatur Martirosyan, Arthur Sarkissian and Davit Kareyan.

Dalan Art Gallery, 12 Abovyan street, Yerevan, Armenia, +3749 9 553307