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Customers enjoying cocktails | © Travis Wise / Flickr
Customers enjoying cocktails | © Travis Wise / Flickr
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The 10 Best Bars In Yerevan, Armenia

Picture of Pauline Pechakjian
Updated: 9 February 2017
Yerevan’s nightlife is a bustling and vivid scene. Bars, clubs, and lounges are peppered throughout the historic city. With so many attractive options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top 10 bars in Yerevan.
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El Sky Bar

When in Yerevan, be sure to check out this bar, located on the rooftop of the Yerevan Plaza building. If you enjoy panoramic views of a gorgeous city while sipping on your beverage of choice and listening to trendy music, this is the place to be. Here, the sleek, white design of the bar and elegant attention to service makes you feel actually on top of the world. Walk-ins are welcome any night, but reservations are recommended for larger parties.

9 Grigor Lusavorich Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 41 494949

Yerevan Plaza
Yerevan Plaza | © Diego Delso /Flickr
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Eden Café – Pub

Located near the famous steps of Kaskad in the heart of Yerevan’s hippest block, this pub is great for just about everyone. Enjoy hookah, drinks, or a bite to eat as you peruse the quirky art covering the walls upstairs. Alternatively, go downstairs (part of the bar is underground, like most establishments in the city) and dance your heart out to the beats spun by the in-house DJ. The fun, relaxed atmosphere makes for a laid-back, memorable night out.

1 A Tamanyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 544644

Sector 4

This lounge may be one of the most versatile spots in all of Yerevan – it also serves as a sushi restaurant, dance club, outdoor movie theater, and even a yoga studio on certain mornings. The locals who party here are young creative types – don’t be surprised to spot various Armenian celebrities on any given night. The decor consists of neon-colored bean bags, hay stacks, crafty tree stumps, and a vintage motorcycle placed in the center of the wooden, canopied dance floor. Enjoy fresh grilled jumbo shrimp cooked by the Southeast Asian house chefs after a night of dancing. On a lucky night, you just may catch their fireworks.

4/3 Aleq Manukyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 55 980101

Grilled Shrimp
Grilled Shrimp | © Mokeneco /Flickr
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Stop Club

This club is a must for any music lover looking for an exciting night on the town. Famed as one of Yerevan’s top spots for debuting new musical acts and local favorites, this edgy club is always focused on playing good music. At the rare times when there are no live bands gracing the stage, Stop plays a variety of crowd favorites, from the latest dance tracks to some tried and true Nirvana, with a little bit of System Of A Down thrown in for good measure. Choose from their extensive drink and food menu, and enjoy the show.

37 Moskovyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 560780

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Kami Club

Come by this club for a glamorous, chic experience where you can listen to popular artists and some of Yerevan’s hottest DJs. Kami is known for its trendy atmosphere and its bright pink and purple lights will lure you right in to join the party. They also have a large variety of crafty cocktails and desserts to choose from. Don’t let the bright lights intimidate you, however – Kami is renowned for being one of the coziest, warmest clubs in the city with highly praised service.

18 Abovyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 91 509020

Nightclub| ©brunogirin/Flickr

Nightclub| ©brunogirin/Flickr

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Club 12

If sipping smooth wine and listening to relaxing jazz sounds more appealing than fist-pumping to techno music, Club 12 is the place to be. This club’s target audience is older and sophisticated than other clubs in the city, but it still offers a great time to its patrons. The kitchen serves tasty seafood and meat dishes, and the bar makes specialty drinks – be sure to try their berry cocktail special. The decor is absolutely stunning, and is reminiscent of a French countryside home.

1 Abovyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 10 522350

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Hemingway’s Pub

With ‘Alcohol & Books’ as its tagline, it’s pretty much a given that this pub stands out from its contemporaries in Yerevan. Hemingway’s is where the city’s hipsters flock to for a night of craft cocktails in the midst of vintage posters and artwork, old vinyl records, and a plethora of books. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and the old-school theme feels neither corny nor forced. If Mr. Hemingway himself was around today, he’d likely enjoy his favorite drink, a daiquiri, at the bar while marveling at the pub that he inspired.

1a Tamanyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 98 349882

strawberry cocktail | © CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay

strawberry cocktail | © CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay

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Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar

This bar is quite an eccentric establishment in a country with a culturally homogenous population. It aims to bring the best of the world’s many cultures together to the people of Yerevan by featuring various live bands of different backgrounds and ethnic influences. The interior is accented with inspirational pieces from all over the globe, such as ancient Native American artwork and tapestries featuring the Buddha or the Hindu ‘om’ symbol, respectively. They also make delicious pizza, and the overall vibe here is very welcoming.

56a Pushkin Street, Yerevan, Armenia, +374 94 359229

Liberty Pub

As one of the most happening spots in the city, this pub is a local favorite for embodying the Armenian elements of hospitality, humor, and ease. The quirky pub is the place to go for a low-key night with the sole goal of having a good time. Patrons can pose with a makeshift crown and torch modeled after the Statue of Liberty, who also serves as this pub’s logo. Liberty is also one of the few places to find delicious crawfish in all of Yerevan – their Unlimited Crawfish Day is a winner.

36 Mashtoc Street & Pushkin Street Intersection, Yerevan, Armenia, +077-48-73-03

Paparazzi Club

This club has been successfully garnering the attention of outgoing youth since its opening. Paparazzi is the spot to go to when in search for a night of Western-style clubbing. The DJs here only play the latest that MTV Dance features, and their drink menu is equally as impressive. The minimalistic, modern design accompanies the space perfectly, which happens to be located right in the center of Yerevan’s Republic Square. Paparazzi is the endless party in a city that never sleeps.

Government House 2, Republic Square, Yerevan, Armenia, +055444144 – 094444458

mountain view from laposte Erebuni, Yerevan
mountain view from laposte Erebuni, Yerevan | © Mokeneco /Flickr