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© Anibal Trejo / Shutterstock
© Anibal Trejo / Shutterstock
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This Is the World's Most Epic Toboggan Run

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 10 August 2017
This no-frills toboggan run is leaving people speechless – literally.

Andorra – an epic ‘mini-country’ sandwiched in between the great nations of Spain and France. Sporting some of the finest ski slopes in the Pyrenees, you really will feel like you’re floating among the sun gods when you scream down the longest alpine toboggan run in the world.

So what of it? This adrenaline-fuelled blockbuster of a ride whizzes you through some of the most stupendous tree porn in the land. Named the Tobotronc, the thrilling toboggan boasts some pretty impressive stats: It’s 5.3 km long and has a total drop of 400m – just be careful not to wet yourself. Lasting 10 mind-boggling minutes, the sled runs through the beautiful La Rabassa forest, part of Naturlandia, one of the country’s most visited nature parks. Cheesy as it sounds, you really will be on top of the world in these parts.

First question on your mind: Is it safe? Of course it is. The dizzying descent is kitted out with the very best safety measures. The car seats two, is fitted with belts and runs on an encased steel rail – and yes, there’s a brake lever just in case…Bonus: the lever lets you control the speed, too!

The ride is open all year round. Tickets can be booked here.