The Most Scenic Natural Landscapes in Albania

Osumi Canyon| ©Trip&Travel Blog/Flickr
Osumi Canyon| ©Trip&Travel Blog/Flickr
Photo of Francesca Masotti
15 February 2018

Filled with fairy-tale towns, stunning views, ancient history, and hospitable locals, Albania should be on everyone’s list of places to visit at least once in his or her lifetime. It is also one of the last undiscovered countries of Europe and the perfect place to visit scenic natural landscapes barely touched by human beings. Read our list of the most beautiful landscapes to visit in the country.

Albanian Riviera

The first most scenic natural place to see in Albania is the gorgeous Albanian Riviera. It is also the most famous and crowded part of the country, but has plenty of secret spots barely touched by tourism. This area starts after the mountain pass of Llogara and ends in Ksamil, a terrific beach near the city of Saranda. The Riviera is home to the most beautiful hamlets of Albania, such as Dhermi, Qeparo, Vuno, incredible beaches, such as Drymades, Borsh, Jale, Gjipe, and gorgeous panoramas.

DrymadesBeach | © artem evdokimov/Shutterstock

Osumi Canyon

The Osumi canyon is a terrific canyon located in the south of Albania, near the town of Çorodova. Adventurous people can’t miss the chance to book a rafting trip organized by Outdoor Albania, which takes place right here, in one of the most gorgeous places of the Balkan Peninsula and Europe. It is the perfect chance to explore the river and its surroundings characterized by rock formations and waterfalls.

Osumi Canyon | ©Trip&Travel Blog/Flickr

Karavasta Lagoon

Just one hour by car from Tirana, there is one of the most spectacular lagoons of the Mediterranean Sea: Karavasta. This fabulous place is the largest lagoon of Albania, part of the Divjakë Karavasta National Park, and is separated from the Adriatic Sea by a strip of sand. Karavasta is home to several species of animals, such as pelicans, flamingos, and is characterized by forests, wildflowers, and Mediterranean pines.

Karavasta Lagoon, Divjakë, Albania

divjaka national park 🌳

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Karaburun-Sazan Marine Park

Park, Natural Feature
Map View
A pristine beach of Karaburun Peninsula | ©Ermal Hasimja/WikiCommons
Karaburun is one of those places that everyone should see in Albania: it is a natural park, former militarized area, opened to the public just four years ago. It is a large untouched peninsula that extends out from the city of Vlora reachable by boat from the port of Vlora in 40 minutes. Since last summer, the islet of Sazan, another piece of heaven located in the Ionian Sea near the Peninsula, has been open to the public.


Hiking-lovers, take note: if you think that Albania is a country that offers only gorgeous beaches and enchanting towns, you are wrong. The land of the eagles is a paradise for hikers and trekkers, too. In the north of the country, there are the Albanian Alps, where during spring and summer people from all over the Balkans come to enjoy open-air activities. One of the destinations favored by tourists is Theth, a beautiful mountain hamlet that offers spectacular natural views.

Theth, Shkodra, Albania

National Park of Valbona

Map View
Valbona | © Les Haines/Flickr
Another not-to-miss place for fans of outdoor activities is the National Park of Valbona, the main natural area of Albania. It is also called the gem of the Accursed Mountains, the mountain chain divided between Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro, and totally worth a visit, not only for the several activities that can be organized here, such as trekking, hiking, horseback riding and so on, but also and above all for the terrific mountain views that leave every visitor speechless.

Koman Lake

Just one hour and a half by car from the town of Shkodra (the cultural capital of Albania, situated in the north of the country), there is one of the most amazing natural landscapes in Albania: Koman Lake. The Lake Koman Ferry Berisha operates every day of the week from Koman to Fierza, a town hidden between the Albanian Alps. The reservoir is not natural – it is artificial and built between 1979 and 1988 – but today is home to several species of animals, such as foxes, otters, and jackals.

Koman Lake, Shkodra, Albania

#enjoyalbania Lake Koman Ferry is a passenger ferry service operated by several local companies along the Koman Reservoir (also known as Koman Lake) in Northern Albania. The line operates between Koman near the Koman Hydroelectric Power Station, and Fierze near the Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station. The line is known for its breath taking views of the mountain gorges, unscheduled stops along the way for serving locals, and the peculiar atmosphere of both locals, foreigners, and even animals being fitted on board up to full capacity. According to Bradt Travel guides, the journey is described as "one of the world's great boat trips" only comparable to the Scandinavian fjords. Komani Lake is one of the most beautiful places of North Albania. Visiting the lake koman and the places around it, ( the river Shala, the guesthouse in the Peace Island, the Thethi Village, Valbona Valley ) will be a great experience for you, anyway, there are some things you have to know before, so the trip will be as you have planned it. 📍 📍 #travel #travelling #toptags #vacation #visiting #traveler #instatravel #instago #wanderlust #trip #holiday #photooftheday #lifeofadventure #doyoutravel #tourism #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #allaroundtheworld #mytravel #travelpic #globetrotter #travelguru #placestovisit #travelinspiration #travelphotoblog #travelpics #world_shotz #dreamspots #exquisiteearth

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Ohrid Lake

Located between Albania and Macedonia, Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest and deepest lakes of Europe. On the Albanian side, there are several towns and villages that worth a visit, such as Pogradec, Drilon, and Tushemisht. We strongly suggest you make a stop in all three to admire spectacular views over the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Ohrid Lake, Albania

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